Power Rankings Through 95 Games.

Cleveland Crappers 123.54
Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong 115.54
Salem Witch Hunters 114
El Paso Trashcan Men 111.98
New Britain Bulldogs 111.78
Fargo Red River 109.52
Colorado U$eful Idiot$ 108.96
Las Vegas Gamblers 102.74
Baltimore Bloody-Nine 101.94
Kansas City Monarchs 101.38
Houston Space Cadets 100.46
New Orleans aligators 97.16
Milwaukee Phish Friars 96.66
Columbus Isotopes 96.16
Rochester Sidewinders 94.66
Augusta Moose Heads 91.12
Toronto Direwolves 90.88
Dover Swashbucklars 87.62
Santa Fe Bible Thumpbers 86.9
Trenton Shockmasters 86.54
Little Rock Bill Clintons 85.34
Tampa Bay Kings 84.82
Anaheim Halos 81.32
Huntington Moonshiners 78.54
Hartford Crusaders 75.78
Vancouver Mounties 73.84
Washington D.C. Senators 70.48
Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos 68.48
Minnesota Baggies 64.94
Boston Braves 59.24
Louisville Hill Jacks 58.46
Arizona Royals 50.4
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