Power Rankings



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

Once again a top contender in the league.  If there was a trophy given out for the regular season their trophy case would be full.  However, Tarrik Franklin and the U$eful Idiot$ are still searching for that first ring.



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

No surprise that the defending champs are back at it.  They have been the team to beat in the NL for many years, and there is no reason that will change.  The loss of Paredes Vega would hurt most teams, but Charlottes rotation is more than strong even to withstand it.



Las Vegas Gamblers

For a team that hasn’t reached the playoffs since season 9, there could finally be a change atop the NL West.  It would appear that Dale Black and co have reached full potential, and they are showing it early.



Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

The small Santa Fe park has constantly benefited below average hitters, and hurt top pitchers.  The formula appears to be going well so far this year, but sustained success is always difficult.



Columbus Isotopes

The best expected win percentage in the league by far, along with one of the top records is a good start.  Should this continue, Columbus will find themselves much closer to #1.  For now, a little more proof is needed before they can be labeled as a top team.



Cleveland Crappers

The saying goes, ‘With Vance Pittinger, anything is possible.’  However, Vance now has a solid amount of support around him, which is going to make Cleveland a very dangerous opponent for many teams.



Milwaukee Phish Friars

This young squad showed us last year that the time of dominance is upon us.  With maturing players, Milwaukee is certainly one of the most dangerous teams in the league, and will be for a long time.



Trenton Shockmasters

Normally being tied for the best record in the league earns you better than a #8 ranking.  This is not one of those times.  Trenton has a nice offense which will produce some runs now and again, but it doesn’t appear as though it will be enough to keep them in contention all season.



El Paso Trashcan Men

Back to back World Series appearances has created a bit of a dynasty in El Paso.  They still have the talent to make another run at it, and Don Green remains one of the top young players in the game.



Toronto Direwolves

Toronto is obviously built around their pitching, and so far it is working out.  Losing David Viriato is enough to drive any manager crazy, but they should be able to win enough games while he’s gone to stay in the mix.



New Britain Bulldogs

Even with Marco Shaw struggling, the Bulldogs are playing solid ball.  It remains to be seen if the success is sustainable, but if they keep up what they’re doing, New Britain should be around the top all year.



Austin City Limits

A team with a long history of failure may be coming around.  Adding veteran Mack Romero has given a nice locker room presence to the younger players. A little more offense and Austin could be quite the threat in the NL.



Kansas City Monarchs

No doubt about the Monarchs ability.  They are still in champion form, and are hungry to get back to the WS.  Being in a tough division will be nothing new, so we can expect them to handle it just fine.



Fargo Red River

A bit of a slow start for one of the early season favorites.  The team that won 109 games last year is mostly still intact, so it shouldn’t be long before the wins start coming in bunches.



Anaheim Halos

A very solid pitching staff is giving Anaheim a fighting chance.  However, it is usually the top offenses that dominate the AL.  Though the Halos may lack any impact bats, they could show that a pitchers team can succeed.



Salem Witch Hunters

After winning 18 of the last 19 division titles, it looks like Salem will finally take a break.  While there is still plenty of top talent, the depth is no longer there.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here.



Vancouver Knight Hawks

A new owner is looking to immediately step in and have success in Vancouver.  So far, that appears to be the case.  While the record isn’t quite what it should be, the Knight Hawks have solid players all around and will stay in the hunt.



Little Rock Bill Clintons

A somewhat surprising start in Little Rock. They have been under the radar for a couple years now and it was expected they would be again.  However, they are playing well early on which is giving the fans some hope.



Baltimore Bloody-Nine

The Bloody-Nine welcomed top prospect Rafael Chirinos to the Big League club, and he has lived up to the hype.  While as a team they may still be a few pieces away, there is certainly promise on the horizon.



Augusta Moose Heads

It is hard to explain the struggles of Lariel Lopez and Harry Jarvis, but if they can turn it around then so should Augusta.  We will have to keep an eye out the next month or so to see what happens.



New Orleans aligators

The players are there, but the wins are not.  For now anyways.  New Orleans has the talent of a top contender so it should be an easy assumption that they will turn things around in the near future.



Hartford Crusaders

A once mighty Hartford team clearly looking towards the future.  Even with that being the case, Yunel Flores is playing like the Hall of Famer he has always been.



Minnesota Baggies

It would appear as though Minnesota will finally take a much earned break from competing, and give other teams a shot.  Though, don’t be surprised if 100 games from now they are in first place and making me eat my words.



Philadelphia Phillies

An under performing offense, and a struggling pitching staff rarely equals a winning formula.  The Phillies have grown accustomed to slow starts, and it shouldn’t be long before they begin to pick things up.



Arizona Royals

Another slow year in Arizona.  They have some decent talent, but still not enough to contend in a strong NL.  It will be fun to watch Tom Everidge run the bases, though.



Houston Space Cadets

Some high quality prospects have made their way to the bigs, and it is only a matter of time until Houston is a player in the AL.  A few improvements to the pitching staff and they will be very dangerous.



Louisville Hill Jacks

Entering a rebuild mode is never fun, but it must be done from time to time.  Louisville still has a couple big names, but not enough to make a run at winning.



Rochester Sidewinders

It’s a race against the clock in Rochester.  Some of the games all time greats are entering their final years, and if they are going to win one more time, it is now.  Plenty of time to turn things around, we’ll see if the Sidewinders can’t right the ship.



Washington D.C. Senators

Much like last season, Washington D.C. will not play a major part in this season.  They are a team with their eyes on the future, and that’s how it will be for a couple more years.  Fortunately, most of the fans are distracted by the Redskins QB situation.



Helena Fighting Elk

It will likely be a long year in Helena.  No big talent to speak of in the majors, so we will see what they can do with the draft and other means of rebuilding.



Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos

Many had higher expectations for this season in Albuquerque, however, so far, it has been a giant disappointment.  Fortunately it’s still early, but a team can only get so far behind before it turns in to a lost season.



Huntington Moonshiners

I hear tickets are going for $1 each, and they still aren’t selling any.  The manager is MIA and the team is in shambles.  SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!

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