Power Rankings



Milwaukee Phish Friars

The move to Milwaukee seemed to be the final piece of the puzzle.  The young talent is up and the Phish Friars will be a dominant force for years to come.  Who says you have to spend money to build a champion?



Fargo Red River

At first, the question was ‘Is Fargo for real?’.  Now with the addition of Anthony Coleman, there is no doubt that the Red River have their eyes on the prize.  The shifting power is becoming more and more apparent, and we will see how well Fargo can handle being the threat of the NL.



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

Okay, so maybe not everything has changed.  Charlotte is once again among the top teams and is ready to return to glory.  Led by their solid pitching once again, it looks like the Rae Dawn Chong will finally have an easy time taking the division and will be a mjor threat come playoffs.



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

A pretty surprising stat here, Colorado leads Duff Beer in runs scored.  The all mighty Tarrik Franklin is having a bit of a down year only slugging .652, but other than that things seem to be going well for the U$eful Idiot$.  The real question is still when will this team get a World Series win?



Toronto Direwolves

I’m a bit hesitant with this one, since this franchise has been SO bad for SO long.  However, it appears the new ownership has finally got them going in the right direction, and Toronto appears to be the real deal.  The pitching staff is the best in the league and that will always lead to good things.



Rochester Sidewinders

Another team that has a little more convincing to do, but for now have earned some respect.  Rochester’s expected percentage vs actual is heavily in their favor, and it will be interesting to see if things keep going their way.  For now, however, the Sidewinders are running away with the East.



Salem Witch Hunters

My bias may be getting the better of me, however this seems to be a Salem team that should have some more wins than they currently do.  Still devastated by last years World Series defeat, the Witch Hunters have one last shot at winning the big prize before a rebuild is in order.



Philadelphia Phillies

One would think that a when a good team adds a guy like Luke Saunders that they would instantly turn into a great team.  The Phillies certainly have the recipe for it but they are waiting to see the results.  There is a long way to go so we’ll see if they start pulling away.



El Paso Trashcan Men

The defending champs appear to be a little hungover still as they are under achieving.  They certainly have a solid team and could win another title if they play to their ability.  Look for some nice winning streaks to come for El Paso to raise their stock back up.



New Britain Bulldogs

A debatable spot for a team with the 3rd most wins in the AL.  However, the Bulldogs are only outscoring opponents by 11 runs which could mean they have been a little lucky to this point.  It could also mean they are the team of destiny and the person making these rankings knows nothing.  Only time will tell.



Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos

The offense is there, the pitching is there, but the wins are just not coming.  It’s hard to explain sometimes but the Pollos Hermanos should be better than their record shows.  One thing is for sure, Akinori Yosida can still hit.



Augusta Moose Heads

Augusta has higher expectations than what they have been seeing.  They spent the money hoping for results that have just not come yet.  They are right in the wild card race and there is still plenty of season to try to catch Milwaukee but the Moose Heads need to figure out how to get more wins.



Columbus Isotopes

It has been a little while since Columbus has competed, so this is a nice sight.  They are right in the mix of things and have a lot of young talent to thank for that.  The Isotopes have a bright future ahead of them.



Hartford Crusaders

One would think that Hartford is in sort of a down swing rebuild faze.  However they are still winning games.  Eventually the age will start to show but maybe there is one last run for the Crusaders to make.



Minnesota Baggies

A couple big losses have somewhat depleted the Baggies roster.  It’s hard to imagine seeing them miss the playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years, so we can all just assume there is a 25 game win streak on the horizon and the Baggies will be right back towards the top.



Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

The final team currently above .500 is also the final team on the top half of the rankings.  There is no questioning the offense in Santa Fe as it is always a force, but the pitching staff can’t seem to handle the small park.  They are right in the conversation so as long as the hitters keep hitting the Bible Thumpers will hang around.



Anaheim Halos

Currently second in the division and right in the mix of things.  The Halos have consistently had a decent team but always seem to find themselves missing out.  Maybe this year they’ll make the strong push they’ve been waiting for.



Las Vegas Gamblers

The close games have been killer in Las Vegas.  They have a good amount of talent but just aren’t finding a way to win.  Still plenty of time to figure some things out for the Gamblers as they look to end a very long playoff drought.



Baltimore Bloody-Nine

Middle of the pack is about what we expected.  Baltimore is building up their team while staying somewhat relative.  They could play spoiler a little more down the road.



Trenton Shockmasters

It’s been a rough few years in Trenton, so seeing them hoovering around .500 is a nice change.  Things can only get better from here as some young talent will soon be arriving.



Cleveland Crappers

Coming off a division title, Cleveland has slowed up a bit. Vance Pittinger is having a bit of a sophomore slump as compared to what he did in his rookie campaign.  The Crappers success begins and ends with him so we’ll see if he turns things around.



Louisville Hill Jacks

An unexpected down year last year in Louisville leaves us wondering where this team will go.  There is still a good amount of talent on the team so if they string together some wins it wouldn’t come as a shock, but for now they lie around the .500 mark.



Kansas City Monarchs

Certainly one of the biggest surprises to this point.  Kansas City could easily be listed as one of the top forces in the AL, they just aren’t showing it.  Plenty of time for them to get things going still and they are the last team anyone should count out.



Helena Fighting Elk

The 4th owner in 4 years has made it clear that the time has come to rebuild this franchise.  Helena is known for success but it needs some love and care to return to the top.



Little Rock Bill Clintons

Much like last year, Little Rock has no thoughts of making a post season appearance.  They are a middle of the road team that is building for a successful future.  That being said, they can still give any team a tough time.



San Francisco Rocks

The recent lack of success in San Francisco is a little strange as you would expect more from this team.  The AL is a tough league to be in which is a big factor.  They may turn it around, or maybe this just isn’t the Rocks year.



Arizona Royals

The Arizona rebuild pushes forward as they continue to build up a hefty farm system.  Soon enough the Royals are going to become a threat and they will remain one for a long while.



New Orleans aligators

If you say you saw this coming, you lie.  After 16 consecutive playoff appearances, New Orleans has decided to take a year to regroup.  Still plenty of talent high and low so this will be a short lived thing, but for now the door is open for a new team to play in October.



Houston Space Cadets

The time draws near for Houston to explode on to the scene.  We already see some young talent making impacts and there is plenty more to come.  The Space Cadets time as bottom dwellers should be short lived.



Mexico City Cartels

Everyone’s favorite Cartels are still hanging low as expected.  Plenty of good things are happening in the minors so there is no rush for Mexico city to make an impact.



Washington D.C. Senators

The new owner has made it clear that the capital of the U.S. needs some rebuilding.  Oh and the new baseball team is struggling a bit.  No worries though as there are already some good pieces in place to make this a smooth process.



Texas Strangers

Another rough year in Texas but that only means more talent will soon be coming in to the system.  It is scary to think about what this team will be like in a couple more seasons.

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