End of Season Awards


World Champions


El Paso Trashcan Men

For the first time in franchise history, El Paso lifts the trophy.  It was a wild and crazy post season in which they had to go through many tough opponents, but in the end, the Trashcan Men took a memorable game 7 and etched their place in history.

League MVPs


Tarrik Franklin

Make it 4.  The 26 year old wonder now has 4 MVPs to his name.  Almost a lock to be a future Hall of Famer, Franklin has many records lined up that he plans on setting.


Oswaldo Armas

Former Rookie of the Year, Armas has been consistently good his entire career.  This year he stepped it up a notch, however, and earned his first MVP award. (Along with a contract extension.)

League Cy Youngs


Russell Duke

Recording over 200 k’s and 240 innings, Duke has earned his second Cy Young.  While his team fell short of defending their title,  Russell inked a 4 year deal to stay with the Monarchs, and will likely continue to be dominant.


Izzy Weiland

As if 2 World Series rings weren’t enough for this 25 year old, he now has a Cy Young to add to his trophy case.  Charlotte has full control over Izzy for a long time should they choose to keep him, and at this rate, how could they not?

League ROTYs


Don Green

Welcome to the Majors Mr. Green, here’s a ring and a ROTY award.  The 21 year old has already accomplished more than most players ever will, so it will be up to El Paso to keep him focused on the road ahead.


Vance Pittinger

Hard to believe this guy dropped to the #5 pick in the draft.  Cleveland is certainly very grateful, and have a lot to look forward to.  Vance is undoubtedly going to be a Duff great someday, and it will be our pleasure to watch this kid progress.

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