Season In Review

Notable Players


In one of the more impressive seasons we have seen, Sam Hill has been an absolute machine.  The single season record for hits is within reach, and should Colorado let him stay in the lineup, we could very well be looking at a new king.


Name a record and he likely has it.  The great career of Phil Won may have reached its final chapter.  The only fitting ending would be finishing his career with a World Championship, and the players of Minnesota are certainly inspired to give him just that.  Look for Ray Lewis to tweet @PhilWon to provide some inspirational words during the post season.

International Signings


In a season that lacked many world class prospects, the Wieners made the biggest move by giving Luis Ciriaco a hefty $28.3 million dollar bonus.  The hard throwing righty will log plenty of innings throughout his career and has potential to be a solid mid rotation guy.


Any other season Pedro Sosa likely would not have received the $17 million bonus that he did, but he was in the right place at the right time.  The low stamina and durability will prevent him from being able to have lengthy outings, but his fastball will certainly be a sight to see.


Likely the best hitter that was on the market, Ricardo Cairo should be a fairly consistent player.  The injury bug has already bitten him once, but if he can find a way to have a healthy career, Trenton should be happy with singing Cairo for a modest $12 million bonus.



A disappointing end for Bill Hodges who was having by far the best year of his career.  The loss likely had a major part in the struggles for Fargo, who look like they will fall short of playoffs after an incredible season last year.


A big blow to Las Vegas when Doug Woolf went down, and went down hard.  The youngster still has a very promising career ahead of him, but that hamstring will always be a lingering thought.

Single Game Performances


In a game where he only recorded two hits, Wilin Delgado did something very special.  In what would be a 14 run 9th inning for Kansas City, Delgado smacked 2 grand slams.


In what would be the only no hitter thrown this season, Jerome Quinn did it against one of the top offenses in the league.  In a game where he allowed 3 walks and and also had a runner reach by error, the final out was made by Max Arrojo, who made what we can only imagine was the most clutch defensive play of the season.

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