Playoff Races (24 Games Left)

National League

NL North


The Baggies have returned to the top of the North and are in great position.  They are 6 games up for the 2 seed and have been right in the mix for being the best in the NL.  Regardless of if they end up as the 1, 2, or unlikely 3 seed, Minnesota has as good a chance as anyone to lift the trophy at year end.


After an improbable regular season and  playoff run last season, Fargo has appeared to slow down a bit.  A team that once dreamed of a division title, now find themselves struggling to hold on to the 6 seed.  Should they make the playoffs, nobody knows what can happen, but it will come down to if they find a way to get there.


It appears to be the end of an era in Hartford.  The aging process has caught up and some once dominant players are on their way out.  That does not mean there isn’t still talent on this team. They’ve managed to hang around and could still make a late season push, but it is likely that they will slowly continue to fade.

NL East


We would have to go back to season 14 when this franchise last made the playoffs, and even further back to season 10 when they last had a winning record.  It is seeming that both of those droughts may be coming to an end.  Cleveland is a young team that many didn’t expect to see here, but they have a few more surprises to pull off.


The early season favorites in the NL East find themselves in an unexpected battle.  Rochester has trailed Cleveland for a large portion of the season and can’t seem to make up the ground.  This team has plenty of talent, they just need to pull it together down the stretch and then focus on a playoff run.

NL South

Charlotte   NewOrleans

Big surprise, right? Charlotte and New Orleans make up the top two in the NL South for the 7th consecutive season. What may be new this season is we might see both teams playing in the first round.  However, where they end up, in what order, and who they play, means nothing.  These are two elite franchises and nobody would be surprised if either ended up in the World Series.

NL West


It’s lucky number 13 in Salem.  Their 13th consecutive division title, but not much to show for it.  They are looking good for a first round bye and could possibly even earn the 1 seed.  However, none of that will mean anything if the season once again ends in an early exit from the playoffs.

American League

AL North


That’s right folks, the Wieners are here.  It was only a matter of time until Chicago came into the picture and it looks like they did it sooner than we expected.  They still have to hold off 2 division rivals to make the playoffs, but regardless of how this season ends, the ones to come are something this team is looking forward to.


With a $120 million payroll, not making the playoffs is unacceptable in Madison.  They have been up and down this season and need to find a way to get hot to close it out.  The division seems to be their only shot at advancing, which means they’ll need some clutch wins when it comes time to play their rivals.


The two time defending North champs are once again right in the mix.  They have two teams to battle with down the stretch and it’s anyone’s division to win.  Augusta certainly wants another shot at representing the North in the post season as an early exit the last two years has haunted them.

AL East


More of what we expected from Philadelphia.  After some struggles in recent years with competing, the Phillies have ran away with the East this season.  They are certainly a team loaded with talent and it will be interesting to see what they can manage to do in the playoffs.

AL South


After a disappointing season last year, Santa Fe is back and playing very well.  The division is not yet locked up but the Bible Thumpers will at least make a post season appearance and will be a tough team to take down.  So long as the offense keeps it up, they could go very far.


Another strong year by El Paso as expected.  The big question will be can they finally make something happen in the post season.  They have been there the last 3 years but have left disappointed each time.  Their first concern is trying to earn the division, but a successful playoff is the only thing that will make this a season to remember.

AL West


As expected, Colorado tops the American League.  We all know what they are capable of, it will just come down to whether they can put it all together.  Look for them to finish the season out strong, and expect big things come playoffs.


The defending world champs are in solid position.  They have essentially locked up a post season berth, and they still have a shot at stealing the division.  Regardless of where they end up, the Monarchs plan to return to the top and bring home another title.


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