Power Rankings



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

While their World Series run ended last season, Charlotte is still among the top teams in the league and one of the favorites to bring home another ring. Ernest Guerrero has been a force at the plate while Izzy Weiland is putting up Cy Young like numbers.



Minnesota Baggies

The Baggies are playing inspired baseball this season after missing their first ever post season last year. Akinori Yosida and Clayton Pratt are showing the age is just a number. Meanwhile, we could be wittnessing Duffs own farewell tour for Phil Won.



Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

Santa Fe was another team with a down year last season as to what we expected to see.  This year has been very different as the offense has been the best around. Benny Perez has been killing it while Darrel Griffin is also having an all star first half.



Salem Witch Hunters

A hot regular season is nothing new in Salem.  It will come down to if they can finally find their way in the playoffs. Oswaldo Armas has put up MVP like numbers and Lawrence Grimsley is showing he’s still got something left in the tank.



Kansas City Monarchs

The defending world champions are once again caught in a tight division race. A career year by Steve Gil is certainly helping the cause and Russell Duke has also been lights out.  It’s going to be a tough road if the Monarchs want to repeat.



New Orleans aligators

Don’t let my 6 ranking fool you, the aligators have as good a chance as anyone at winning it all.  A current skid has seen them drop a bit but there is no reason to worry. Willie Ozuna is getting on base like a mad man and Bruce Hutch is living up to all the hype and then some.



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

A disappointing early end to last season leaves Colorado in a win or bust situation.  They have the talent and just need to put it together at the right time. Tarrik Franklin is his normal dominant self but Sam Hill is currently leading this explosive offense.



El Paso Trashcan Men

El Paso continues to field a good team but are still looking to have success come October.  They are going to have to battle all season long to make it their but they can not be taken lightly. Hideo Zhang is still proving very effective and Luis Almanza is putting up solid numbers.



Madison Avenue

The new ownership wasted no time making some big signings in free agency and are looking to win now.  So far it has been working as Madison leads the division. Yorman Guzman and Kirk McGowan are both having great years which is very scary when you look at who else is on the Avenues roster.



Philadelphia Phillies

Finally a strong start for the Phillies as they look to be the team we know they can be.  At the ripe old age of 39 Bronson Welch is having a great year and Roscoe Kashmir is also helping the staff.



Augusta Moose Heads

After claiming the past two AL North titles, Augusta finds themselves once again in a tight divisional race.  They are still looking to have success in the playoffs and they may have the team to do it. Rickey Dougherty and Diego Henriquez are each having amazing years and will need to keep it up to carry Augusta.



Rochester Sidewinders

The Sidewinders have recently been playing better as they look to once again earn the NL East crown.  They will certainly be challenged the entire time and rely on their pitching to carry them. Walt Burns is still earning his paycheck and Francis Clemens remains a lights out closer.



Anaheim Halos

The Halos are no stranger of being stuck in a tough division and will have to start finding ways to win more games.  While their expected percentage .582, they find themselves hovering around .500. Bill Gray is getting on base with ease and it appears Alex Torrealba has finally become the pitcher we expected.



Cleveland Crappers

After some struggling years it appears that Cleveland is beginning to find success.  Rookie Vance Pittinger is clearly going to have an amazing career and it will be fun to watch him grow and become even better.



Fargo Red River

A slow start for Fargo but they have been attempting to rebound.  The Cinderella from a year ago they will need to continue playing well to make it back to the playoffs. Bill Hodges has made up for the rest of the rotations struggles and new addition Howie Waters has made a huge impact.



Hartford Crusaders

Age may be getting the best of this dominant franchise, but they are still in the mix and still very dangerous. Yunel Flores is still playing like the Hall of Famer he is and Shep Franklin is having a fine year.



Chicago Wieners

We are beginning to see the future of Chicago and it is a bright one.  They are in the mix of things this season and clearly will be for years to come. Felipe Berroa and Vern Restovich are both coming into their own very nicely.



Las Vegas Gamblers

The young Las Vegas is showing promising signs but may still be missing a piece or two.  They are no easy win and could stick around down the stretch. Peter Knight has pitched very well but the loss of Philip Cole is going to sting for awhile.



Baltimore Bloody-Nine

Still a very real shot a the division, not that it is necessarily the goal for Baltimore to compete.  However as it stands they are in the hunt for the time being. Francis Butcher is having one of his best seasons and Harry Mairena is giving any right handed pitcher a hard time.



Louisville Hill Jacks

A rough start for Louisville who has been very competitive for awhile now.  Plenty of time to turn things around and attempt to catch up. Shooter Rolen should be a main part when he returns and Rube Wieters has been leading the rotation.



Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos

A bit of a disappointing start for Albuquerque who made some big moves over the off season. Torii Douglas has been playing well and the addition of Juan Villa is showing to be a good one. We’ll see if this team can step it up some.



New Britain Bulldogs

After reaching 90 wins last year and claiming the division, the Bulldogs have faltered a bit.  Still time to turn it around and it starts with Ariel Martinez finding his form. Mandy Mahomes is proving to be a great top of the lineup guy.



San Juan Clementes

Another tough year so far in San Juan but that does not mean they couldn’t make some magic.  The division is still very much in reach. Sun Satou is still showing signs of greatness and Edge Klesko is also having another solid year.



Columbus Isotopes

The Isotopes are hanging around in the conversation for now and could manage to make a push.  The young Bob Wilson is showing promise while Jamie Haywood plays a big part in close wins.



San Francisco Rocks

Not sure what is going on in San Fran.  With 90 wins in 4 of the last 5 years, there is clearly something affecting this team. Kyle Fischer appears to be one of few not affected as he is killing it.



Cincinnati Black Sox

The young Black Sox have plenty of potential and will soon be threatening this dominant division. Winston Allen has had a great rookie campaign up to the injury, and hopefully will return healthy and better than ever.



Houston Space Cadets

A rough season for Houston but that does not mean there are no highlights. Stefen Wood and Dwight Jefferies are showing very bright things for the Space Cadet future.



Little Rock Bill Clintons

Not quite what we are used to from Little Rock.  We may see them commit to a rebuild if the struggles continue. Dennys Martin is making the most of his later years and Wilkin James is also doing quite well.



Trenton Shockmasters

The rebuild in Trenton is well under way and coming along nicely.  On a positive note, Woody Bordick is performing far beyond expectations which will certainly help when the Shockmasters are back in contention.



Arizona Royals

Not much to report in Arizona again this year as they continue to build up the youth. Saul Tejada is amazing everyone though as he has by far the best year of his career.



Richmond Spiders

A new owner steps in and certainly has a lot on their plate.  It’s time for this franchise to return to greatness and hopefully they will begin to get there. Coco Burkett has been highlighting this offense and keeping the fans coming out.



Mexico City Cartels

Some drama in Mexico City leads to an ownership change for a franchise that is on the rebuild.  There is plenty left for the new owner to do and it will be interesting to see where the Cartels will go from here.  On a positive note young Adam Ford is still proving to have a very bright future.

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