Power Rankings (21 Games Left)



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

After the sluggish start, Charlotte is once again the best team in the world and will look to earn their third consecutive World Series.  They’ll be a very hard team to bet against.



Hartford Crusaders

After catching fire for quite some time, Hartford is poised to take the division back and also earn a crucial first round bye.  The Crusaders have proven they can play with the best of them, so we will have to see how they do.



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

Running away with the American League, Colorado is the sure favorite to play for a title.  It’s going to take one heck of a dry spell from this offense to prevent them from earning a ring.



New Orleans aligators

Being one of the top teams in the world and having to settle with a wild card is no stranger to teams of the NL South.  Of course, there is still time for New Orleans to make a push, but division title or not, they’re going to be one of the toughest teams in the post season.



Salem Witch Hunters

An up and down season will likely leave Salem with a 3 seed.  Not a bad thing, but the less teams you have to play on the NL side the better.  It’s going to be a tough road if the Witch Hunters want to reach glory.



Little Rock Bill Clintons

Cooling off of late has currently put the Bill Clintons out of a playoff spot.  The once hottest teams needs to find a spark again before they are once again left on the outside looking in.



Fargo Red River

Fargo has proven that when they are hot, they stay hot.  Nobody can touch the Red River when they are playing to potential and it has landed them a fighting chance at the playoffs.  Should they make it, the rest of the league better watch out.



Kansas City Monarchs

After taking a season off last year, Kansas City has returned to form and will likely find themselves back in the post season.  We all know how dangerous they can be once they’re there, so it will be fun to watch how far they end up going.



Minnesota Baggies

The terribly slow start appears to have been too much for the Baggies to overcome.  This would be the first time in the history of Duff Beer that we didn’t see Minnesota in October.  There’s still hope, but this could be the end.



New Britain Bulldogs

Going from one of the hottest teams to one of the coldest is never fun.  New Britain is riding a 9 game losing streak but still find themselves as the 2 seed.  It’s anyones guess as to which Bulldog team we will see the rest of the way, and into the playoffs.



San Francisco Rocks

Third in the division, but still with a wild card spot.  The reigning AL Champs know what they need to do come playoff time, but first they have to make it there.



Augusta Moose Heads

Augusta has maintained a slight edge in the division all season long, and will have to keep it up just a little longer to return to the post season.  It won’t be easy, but this team is no longer a stranger to success.



Rochester Sidewinders

An underachieving Rochester team is still going to wind up in the playoffs thanks to a struggling division.  While they can rejoice on this, they need to find a way to bring it all together if they want to avoid an early exit.



Wichita Tomcats

Wichita has nipped at the heels of leading the division all season long but have never been able to get there and keep it.  This team is capable of doing something special, but they need to do it very soon.



Louisville Hill Jacks

Not the season Louisville had dreamed of, but there’s still hope. They need to play the baseball they’re capable of the rest of the way, and hope some other things fall in to place, but we could still see them in October.



Las Vegas Gamblers

Not much left for Las Vegas to do this season.  They’ve had a good year but the top teams are simply too far ahead.  Good news is the young core of players are proving themselves and next year could be big.



Philadelphia Phillies

Another team with a very down year.  The Phillies have a chance if they can get hot like they always seem to around this time.  It’s going to have to happen soon though as time is running out.

18. & 19.

ElPaso                          SantaFe

El Paso Trashcan Men                Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

The battle for the South is upon us.  Nothing separates these two teams and it’s going to be a wild ride to the finish.  Both have been hot and cold this year so we will see which one can pull it off at the right time.



Baltimore Bloody-Nine

A better year than most would have expected from Baltimore.  They have been no push over for any team.  A winning streak could still potentially land them a division title, but if that isn’t the case they should keep their heads held high.



Anaheim Halos

Usually a .500 record doesn’t land you 4th in the division.  But then again, most divisions aren’t the AL West.  Anaheim still has an outside chance, but the odds are stacked against them.



Columbus Isotopes

Another season comes and goes in Columbus.  The fans will stay loyal awaiting the day this average team turns in to a great one.  It seems as that time may be finally approaching.



Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos

Certainly wasn’t the lack of offense that cost Albuquerque their season.  This team was explosive all year long and can certainly take pride in that.  As soon as the pitching comes around they could be a force in the NL.



Cincinnati River Rats

The young guys are starting to make their way up in Cincinnati, which means the time is near that they will begin to compete.  They will need al the talent they can get if they want to eventually take home the NL North.



Chicago Wieners

Another young team who’s stars are going to begin to emerge.  Chicago is not too far away from making a name for themselves in the AL, and the time is right while their division is down.



San Juan Clementes

A rough go this year in San Juan.  They’ll begin to take some money off the books and start to acquire talented youth.  For now though, they will enjoy a nice off season.



Houston Juicers

A step up from last year, but still a long season for the fans of Texas.  Patience is a virtue and the Juicers will still look towards a brighter tomorrow.



Richmond Spiders

They really had no where to go but up after last season.  One of the longest losing streaks you’ll ever see really hurt any chance of a solid season in Richmond.  However, it does appear that progress is being made and we should expect more in the coming years.



Trenton Shockmaters

We knew what we were going to get out of Trenton, and they delivered.  A below average year but gaining some solid youth.  While the farm system builds the team will have to deal with its fair share of blows.



Cleveland Crappers

The Crappers have some of the best young talent out there and they will have to build around it in the following years.  Putting this season behind them will be the best option as they push forwards.



Mexico City Cartels

The fans of Mexico City realized they weren’t getting a World Series contender when the franchise relocated.  They’ll have to keep the faith that the Cartels will reach that point soon and that their is future.



Arizona Royals

Bit of a step backwards this year in Arizona.  After seemingly coming around last year they find them selves with the worst record in the world.  We obviously didn’t expect a playoff team from them, but the Royals did not catch any breaks this season.

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