Power Rankings

1. (1)


Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

The pitching has been lights out led by Izzy Weiland and Dwight Romano.  That is fantastic news for the champs considering those aren’t even the top guys in their rotation.  Pablo Bravo has been a key performer in this high powered offense.

2. (6)


Colorado U$eful Idiot$

While Tarrik Franklin is having a historic season, the rest of the Colorado offense is also crushing the ball. Marino Mercado is an RBI machine and Augie Nilsson is showing no sign of a sophomore slump.

3. (3)


New Orleans aligators

Harry James is having a career year for New Orleans and Willie Ozuna is being his normal productive self.  The biggest question is what is going on with Jorge Rodriguez?

4. (4)


Salem Witch Hunters

Mark Wang is the leader of Salem’s offense and is strengthening his case for the HOF. On the other side, Einar Johnson has been a lights out closer since some early struggles.

5. (12)


Little Rock Bill Clintons

The young Howie Barker is proving to be the ace of the Bill Clinton rotation. Dennys Martin and Louie Rijo are showing that they are determined to get this team the respect it has deserved for many years.

6. (9)


San Francisco Rocks

The Rocks are being led by Mack Romero on the mound and Kirk McGowan at the plate. Augie DiFelice isn’t having a bad rookie campaign either.

7. (8)


Hartford Crusaders

Rico Saenz and Yunel Flores are having all star years for the Crusaders. Miguel Alvarez is also showing that age is just a number as he is having one of his best seasons.

8. (15)


Kansas City Monarchs

Daryle McPherson is having the best season of his still young career which is proving crucial to keep the Monarchs in the hunt early on.  The offensive success is pretty distributed, but Steve Gil is proving himself to be a leader.

9. (16)


Fargo Red River

At long last, Paul Blackwell and Endy Roa have turned into the dominate pitchers Fargo needed them to be. Ariel Martinez has also returned to form after some struggles last year.

10. (5)


Rochester Sidewinders

The two young sluggers Stan Walbeck and Oswaldo Vizcaino lead the Sidewinder offense. Francis Clemens is also once again racking up the saves.

11. (11)


Louisville Hill Jacks

David Wang is having a great start to the season, and Jonathan Garcia is continuing career success.  The addition of D’Angelo Vega has also proved very beneficial to the Hill Jacks.

12. (7)


Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

It’s tough to be a successful pitcher in Sante Fe, but Pascual Armas has made the most of it.  It is, however, a great place to hit and Benny Perez is showing why.

13. (18)


New Britain Bulldogs

Alejandro Sanchez is proving to be a homerun or bust kind of guy, but he’s hitting enough to stay in the lineup. Pedro Vazquez has proved to be the ace in a struggling rotation.

14. (14)


Philadelphia Phillies

Harvey Miller has been fantastic out of the pen thus far, and Bronson Welch still has it at age 38. Juan Villa is leading the team in RBI’s by a wide margin.

15. (30)


Baltimore Bloody-Nine

Rule 5 pick Tony Lunar is showing ROTY potential.  Meanwhile, Victor Benoit and Tyler Taft are pitching out of their minds.

16. (25)


Las Vegas Gamblers

Philip Cole is here and the young ace is showing signs of great things to come. Dale Black continues to be an all around player as he succeeds at everything.

17. (21)


Anaheim Halos

The addition of Bill Gray has certainly been the spark of the Halos offense. Gary Jones has also been a lights out closer.

18. (10)


El Paso Trashcan Men

Since joining the rotation, Edgar Johnson has done quite well. Tony Soriano has been a catchers worst nightmare on the base path as he steals bases consistently.

19. (20)


Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos

A booming offense in Albuquerque is led by Torii Douglas and the currently sidelined Geovany Morales. Orlando Soto appears to have come in to his own as the ace is dominating hitters.

20. (17)


Augusta Mooseheads

Harry Jarvis has been out of this world good early on in the season. Jonathan Villone has done a great job getting on base, he just needs someone to start driving him in more.

21. (32)


Richmond Spiders

Coco Burkett has stepped it up after a horrible season last year. The successes of Keith McMurtry and Reid Lee is also coming at a very nice time.

22. (3)


Minnesota Baggies

It seems that the future Hall of Famer Phil Won has reached the end of his great career. Rudy Burch is refusing to give up on his team as he tries to get them back into contention.

23. (13)


Wichita Tomcats

Luke Saunders is an amazing player and that’s all that can be said. Milt Callaway appears to like his new home in Wichita and has done very well there.

24. (22)


Columbus Isotopes

Julian Valentin may just have a year or two left in him as he is dominating at the plate. When called upon, Jamie Haywood has been lights out and it may be time to get him more innnings.

25. (31)


Houston Juicers

Out of nowhere Wyatt Jenkins has proved to be a top pitcher in the league. Dickie Telgheder is also having a nice season in a lineup that hasn’t got much going on.

26. (29)


Cincinnati River Rats

Santo Diaz continues to have great success in Cincinnati and he may never leave. Louis Walker has pitched well, but his lack of support has hurt.

27. (26)


Chicago Weiners

A struggling pitching has one bright spot in Theo Horton, who has been great in relief.  The young Felipe Berroa is showing that a promising career can be expected.

28. (28)


Mexico City Cartels

The young Lonny Bowles is having another solid year at the plate of Mexico City. However, frustration is building in Denny Burnett and Sam Cornelius as they continue to pitch great, but have nothing to show for it.

29. (19)


San Juan Clementes

San Juan’s rotation is led by Sun Satou, who has been nothing but great for them. Edge Klesko has been the offensive highlight.

30. (23)


Arizona Royals

Rookie Sonny Grabow has been crushing the ball and is certainly a ROTY candidate early on. Patrick Gates is also having great success on the mound.

31. (27)


Trenton Shockmasters

Al Pena once again is quite the closer.  We can only wonder how good he qould be if he had more chances. Joshua Crane is also having a nice year at the plate.

32. (24)


Cleveland Crappers

George Goldberg is having a great sophomore year and shows a lot of promise. The young Adam Coombs is also having another solid year.

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