Early Season Moves

International Signings


Wilfredo Cora

The Bulldogs saw an early chance to make a big move and they took it.  Cora is going to be a great power hitting outfielder and is already being compared to some of the top home run hitters of all time.  Wilfredo is sure to have a long successful career and could easily become a member of the 600 dinger club.


Julio Aguilar

A solid acquisition for Fargo.  Aguilar is going to be a brilliant fielding center fielder who will get on base and strike fear into any lefty on the mound.  He will also be trouble for many catchers with speed that’s sure to rack up the stolen bases.


Hipolito Jacquez

We will have to see how his stamina develops, but at the very least Anaheim signed a very reliable long relief guy.  With 5 solid pitches and great velocity Jacquez is going to have a very good career some day.



A solid trade by two new owners that helped both.  Wichita added a nice bat in Ignacio Castillo, while Baltimore gained two prospects with Sadie Wilson and Pedro Telemaco.  Castillo is having an immediate impact for the Tomcats and is going to try to help them return to the top of the division.  Meanwhile, the Bloody-Nine have eyes on the future, but their offense has been stellar even with the loss of one of their top hitters.


A swap of some bullpen arms in this one.  Santa Fe received Franklin Thames and cash to help sure up the pen and hopefully give him a deeper run at the end of the season.  Trenton brought in young fire ballers Juan Belliard and John Kwon.  It’s still early to see how these players will adjust to their new homes, but both teams should be happy with the results.

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