Pre-Season Power Rankings



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

Fresh off their second consecutive World Series, the Rae Dawn Chong wasted no time in showing that they are not content.  The signing of Victor Figureoa shows that Charlotte plans on once again hoisting the trophy at seasons end.



New Orleans aligators

New Orleans will welcome in Brad Hill to help sure up their bullpen.  Otherwise there wasn’t much else that needed to be done.  They will certainly be a top team in the league and have as much a chance as anyone to go all the way.



Minnesota Baggies

After winning 119 times during the regular season last year, Minnesota fell short when it mattered most.  It’s hard to predict where they will go this year but they’re certainly a team never to be taken lightly.



Salem Witch Hunters

A flurry of additions by Salem was highlighted by Richard Cohen and Junior Sierra.  They’ll be the favorites to take the division and should be a competitor come playoff time.  They’re just another solid team in a very tough National League.



Rochester Sidewinders

The Sidewinders add to one of the top rotations in baseball by bringing in P.J. Nation.  This was a team that had their first sniff of the playoffs last year and almost pulled off an upset.  They will look to make a return trip this time with bigger things in mind.



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

No doubt that the offense will be there again this season.  Colorado’s main concern was tightening up the pitching staff.  The additions of Miguel Osuna Oswaldo Gongora and Luis Medrano should help.  They should be a solid competitor in the AL and will have there hands full in a tough division.



Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

A breakout season last year for Santa Fe, but they found room for improvement. Ubaldo Quentin Mitchell Rushford and Pascual Armas should sure up their pitching staff which was the Bible Thumpers biggest need to address. Pedro Marmol will also get his first appearance in the bigs. Look for them to repeat last years success and possibly even build on it.



Hartford Crusaders

A disappointing end last year left Hartford with an empty feeling. Howard Gordon and Wilkin Hernandez should help solidify the bullpen.  Meanwhile Felix Eveland was also a nice addition along with Kris Daly making his debut .  The Crusaders aren’t spending all this money to be just another team, so look for them to try and turn it up a notch this season.



San Francisco Rocks

Not much movement coming out of San Fran this off-season.  A trip to the World Series last year certainly gives them high expectations going into this season.  It’s going to be another year long battle in the AL West, but the Rocks have grown very used to that.



El Paso Trashcan Men

The big spender award likely goes to El Paso this off-season.  Acquiring both Hideo Zhang and Patrick Guerrero, and also C.C. Bryne, they certainly showed that they are looking to do something big.  It will be interesting to see how their two new all stars fit in, and just how much they will improve the Trashcan Men.



Louisville Hill Jacks

D’Angelo Vega and Roy O’Donnell are the two additions the Hill Jacks made.  They should certainly have an immediate impact in helping Louisville stay atop the AL East.  Louisville has been no stranger to making the playoffs, but they are hoping to have more success.



Little Rock Bill Clintons

The wrong place at the wrong time defines Little Rock.  Consistently winning 85-90 games per season, but has not finished higher than 3rd in the division or made the playoffs.  They should once again be competitive, but making that extra push will be difficult.



Wichita Tomcats

New management for Wichita steps in and makes some minor moves signing Hector Mendoza and Harold Hogan.  The offense should be there for the Tomcats so their success will be based mainly on how well their pitching staff can perform.



Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies made some quality improvements without having to spend too much. Juan Villa Angel Martin Jon Butcher and Michael Diaz should help them return to the success they expect.  Philadelphia is becoming known for slow starts, so we’ll see if they can change that this year.



Kansas City Monarchs

Last year certainly came as a shock to a lot of people.  The Monarchs just couldn’t get anything going the whole season.  It’s a safe bet that they should return to their old ways this year, but nothing is guaranteed.



Fargo Red River

Some decent signings by Fargo adding Brett Tracy and Donatello McCartin.  They should once again be a competitive team, however, it’s hard to know if they have the ability to compete with the top teams in the National League.



Augusta Mooseheads

Harry Nieto will be a nice addition to the Moosehead bullpen.  They were the surprise team in the AL last year and can’t be taken lightly this year.  It is uncertain as to if they can repeat last years success, but it should be fun to see.



New Britain Bulldogs

Trading for Danny Hutton gives the Bulldogs a nice new option in their rotation.  They’ve been consistantly hovering around the low 80 win mark and have just been falling short of making some late season pushes.  They remain a mystery team for now who is hard to predict.



San Juan Clementes

Not much going on in San Juan. Fred Allen will join, but they seem to be a middle of the road team in the NL which isn’t a bad thing.  If they want to return to the top of the division they may need to make a move in the early portions of the season.  Otherwise, it may be tough year.



Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos

Ringo Jorgensen will begin his major league career this season. Josh Davis and Ricardo Seguignol also are new additions. The Albuquerque offense should be solid this year but they pitching just doesn’t seem to be there.  They may compete, but it seems to be a long shot.



Anaheim Halos

One minor addition involved signing Kevin Tamura.  Not much else to report from Anaheim who finds themselves in the toughest division in the AL.  Signs show the makings of a long season for the Halo’s, but they’ve surprised us before.



Columbus Isotopes

Some new faces joining the Isotopes this year.  Signing Dennis Kim and Julian Valentin, and also giving Bob Gonzales and Vasco Uribe their first shot in the ML.  Columbus could be the surprise team of the AL this year, and they’re also part of a very open division.



Arizona Royals

Slow off-season in Arizona.  It looks like a building year for the Royals who are focused more on the future than the now.  Look for them to build their minors, and take it easy this season.



Cleveland Crappers

Slowly but surely Cleveland is improving.  It won’t be this year, but the future should hold nice success for the Crappers.  Look for their young core to keep growing and for this team to stand by this season.



Las Vegas Gamblers

Some smaller signings by Las Vegas include Darrel House Eric Price and the once great Harry Gil.  There’s some solid talent on this team which may result in a competitive season.  It will remain to be seen just how much talent they have.



Chicago Weiners

Same old story in Chicago.  Payroll of nothing means they will be a major player in the prospect market.  They did sign Juan Cordero and Pete Edwards, but they will likely go under the radar again this year.



Trenton Shockmasters

Trenton will welcome a plethora of prospects the their ML squad this year. Nicky Creek Felix Rodgers Spike Torres Stephen Anderson and Rob Ramsey will all be making their debut.  At the very least the Shockmasters should be improved, but likely not enough to get them in contention.



Mexico City Cartels

Andy Torres will get his shot in the Majors for the Cartels this season.  Otherwise, this is a team in full rebuild mode and they will have their struggles this season.  Mexico City has their eyes on the future and the fans will have to be patient.



Cincinnati River Rats

Some solid signings by Cincinnati include Kevin Cook Joaquin Villafuerte and Gerald Hendricksen.  While this should help the River Rats win some games this year, it won’t help them win enough to compete.  Look for them to play a role in the international market, but not much else.



Baltimore Bloody-Nine

Acquiring Harry Mairena was the one minor addition by the new management in Baltimore.  It’s a team in need of love and care and will hopefully begin heading in the right direction.



Houston Juicers

The pitching staff will be much improved with the signing of Wyatt Jenkins and also rookies T.J. Fordyce Vinny Peterson T.J. Fordyce and Vinny Peterson.  This should be a sign of good things to come in Houston, however they will likely still fail to compete too much this year.



Richmond Spiders

A brand new Richmond team will be on display this season.  From FA addition to rookies making their debuts.  Key players will be Bernie Reynoso Emilio Armas Neifi Cairo Valerio Arredondo Hector Diaz and Marv Thompson.  Hard to know what to expect from the Spiders so for now we’ll just wait and see.

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