Pre Season Power Rankings



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

Additions: Domingo Ethier

The new champs wasted no time improving an already incredible team.  They were going to be the favorites going into the season, now it’s a wonder why the rest of the league is even bothering.



Hartford Crusaders

Additions: Miguel Alvarez Trent Griffin Juan Villa Allen Bradford

Hartford were big spenders this offseason.  Their payroll is through the roof, but it should be well worth it.  The predicted favorites in a very tough NL North, they could be able to test Charlotte.



Vancouver Killivers

Additions: Rogers Gipson Jimmy Maxwell C.C. Bryne Jason Dillon Ricardo Morlan Elroy King

Another disappointing end for Vancouver.  They’ll likely have another very talented team, but the odds of them earning their first ever title seem to have slipped away for the time being.



Kansas City Monarchs

Additions: Enerio Guillen

A disappointing season for the Monarchs last year.  Failing to win the division and advance in the playoffs is certainly new to them.  Look for this team to return with a vengeance and fight back in the AL South.



New Orleans aligators

Additions: Shea Fielder Jorge Rodriguez

One of the top teams in the world added one of the best pitchers to their rotations.  New Orleans is going to need all the help they can get in order to try and pass Charlotte up, but at the very least we should see them in a wild card spot.



San Francisco Rocks

Additions: Louis Barrett Jimmie Valverde

Coming off a fantastic season, San Francisco looks to remain a force not only in their division, but in the entire league.  Its going to be another year long battle, but they should be able to compete.



Salem Witch Hunters

Additions: Cristobal Galarraga Julio Santana Ernest Garcia Bey Van Hekken Wolf Leon

A flurry of additions for Salem should help keep them atop the division.  Losing their ace pitcher will hurt for some time, but he should return in plenty of time to help them make another run in the playoffs.



Louisville Hill Jacks

Additions: Harry Gil Louis Walker Max Ortiz

Some nice additions for Louisville will help keep them as a competitor in the AL East.  There will be no time for them to rest because it will be another tough battle with the Phillies for a division title.



Minnesota Baggies


The incredible run of the Baggies finally ended last year, and it will be tough for them to start a new one this year.  They certainly still have a plethora of talent, so we will wait and see how they can do.



Philadelphia Phillies

Additions: Harold Long Charles Nelson

A decent season for Philadelphia ended with a wild card berth, and eventual exit in the divisional series.  They should once again be a competitive team.  It will be a tough road, but they should be able to return the playoffs.



Little Rock Bill Clintons


Unfortunately for Little Rock, they are in the hardest division in the league.  They consistently find themselves around the 90 win mark, but that only puts them in 3rd.  Look for another good season from them, but they’ll need some help if they want to reach a post season.



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

Additions: Jim Phelps Hughie Borland Steven Howard Victor Almanza Wilkin Hernandez Joaquin Villafuerte

Colorado watched a lot of talent leave this off season.  They are still a very competitive team, but they’ll certainly have a new look.  It will be interesting to see what they are able to do with it.



Fargo Red River

Additions: Neil Edwards Walter Justice Dennis Miclat Cristian Sweeney John Miller Andruw Messmer

Fargo has shown the potential to be a contender, but they just can’t get it all clicking at once.  Some solid additions should help their offense and pitching staff come together and possibly push some top NL teams.



New Britain Bull Dogs

Additions: Robinson Foxx Charlie Nation

A middle of the road team last year and likely again this year.  They’re in a tough division with Philadelphia and Louisville but they do have some talent to possibly surprise people.



Anaheim Halos

Additions: Danny Hutton Jeffrey Jackson

To be in the AL West means you need to have at least 90 wins just to be in the hunt.  Anaheim is a talented team, but it will be hard for them to keep up with the other 3.



El Paso Trashcan Men

Additions: Claude Hall Luis Almanza Pedro Beltre Domingo Gomez

A division title last year and some solid additions means they’ll once again challenge for the division title.  It remains to be seen if they could possibly push into a top AL spot, however.



Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

Additions: Tony Espinosa Bum Wulf Darrel Griffin

Some big moves again by Santa Fe may be exactly what they need to take home the divisional crown.  They’ll definitely be an improved team, and we will wait to see just how improved they are.



Rochester Sidewinders

Additions: Walt Burns

The biggest signing by any team, Rochester went out and got themselves one of the best pitchers in the world.  They’re young offense should be improved so it is possible they might make a run towards the NL East title this year.



San Juan Clementes

Additions: Fred Myatt

Not too much happening in San Juan.  Coming off a division crown, they’ll likely be in the running again due to how weak the division is.



Chicago Weiners

Additions: Cooper Donahue Arthur Mayne Roger Norman

Some small signings again for a rebuilding franchise.  Fans of Chicago are very used to hearing “wait till next year” and that will be the case again.



Cleveland Crappers

Additions: Al Quintanilla Ozzie Lynch

Some big signings by Cleveland will certainly help make them a more competitive team.  They find themselves in a very winnable division so look for them to possibly make a move to the top.



Cincinnati River Rats

Additions: Santo Diaz Hank Campbell

Another team in a hard division.  It has been a rough go of things for this franchise, so we’ll see if new management can turn it around.



Atlanta BeerCats


A rough year last yea for Atlanta.  They certainly have the talent to turn things back around, but things could also get worse very quickly.



Las Vegas Gamblers

Additions: Murray Cummings Willie Jacquez Clyde Wirth

Some nice signings by Las Vegas who is still building towards the future.  They will likely not be in the running again, but you never know.



Augusta Moose Heads

Additions: Mark Houck Gerald Guerrero Al Vargas

The time may be soon for Augusta to make a move.  Vancouver may be weakening meaning the division may finally be up for grabs in the coming years.  We’ll see what they do to improve their future.



Houston Juicers

Additions: Sherman Olmos Stu Santangelo Tomas Ortiz Bert Banks

Another team on the verge of turning it around.  A small payroll means they are going to continue their youth movement and at the same time try to keep their fans coming out to games.



Columbus Isotopes

Additions: Neil Rivers

Another team that may be looking to make a move pretty soon.  For now they’ll hang low, but things may start to get interesting in Columbus in the coming years.



Trenton Shockmasters

Additions: Franklin Thames Ivan Gonzalez Valerio Terrero Vinny Mills Chili Karl

Some decent signings.  However, Trenton made it clear last year they’re going to rebuild for a least a couple years.  This season is likely to continue to show that.



Arizona Royals

Additions: Osvaldo Guerrero Mateo Servet David Roque

A bit of a step backwards last year in Arizona.  It will help their draft position but they are going to look to do a little better than what they did last year.



Mexico City Cartels

Additions: Rob Brewington

A franchise that is in pretty rough shape, so new ownership will come in and look to turn things around.  It will be a project, but it is doable.



Richmond Spiders

Additions: Gustavo Moreno R.A. Black Keith McMurtry Luis Rodrigo

We watched the mighty fall last year as the once mighty Richmond has come back down to earth.  IT goes to show nothing can last forever, but now they begin to work towards their next run.



Albuquerque Pollos Hermanos

Additions: Al Hannity Jim Rath Anibal Cervantes P.T. Gonzalez Otis McKnight

Another franchise that was in desperate need of a change.  Their huge collapse last season resulted in a location change and a new leader.  Hopefully they are able to get things back on track.

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