World Series Preview


Vancouver Killivers



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

Road Here

Vancouver: Def Kansas City 3-1, Def San Francisco 4-2

Charlotte: Def New Orleans 3-2, Def Salem 4-3

Key Players

Vancouver: Yorman Guzman and Miguel Alvarez

Charlotte: Pat Hackman and Cookie Rodriguez


To Vancouver’s dismay, they find themselves back in the World Series.  This franchise has long awaited a championship and with the team they built it seemed like a sure thing.  Now here they are, in the 7th year of their American League domination, fingers still empty.  On the verge of giving up, it seems like it would almost be fitting that when all hope was lost, they finally come through.  No matter what happens from this point on, this team will be remembered as one of the most dominant ever built in Duff Beer due to their regular season domination.  It now comes down to securing that spot in the history books.

For Charlotte, they appear to be the team of destiny.  Down 2-1 against New Orleans, and then 3-1 against Salem, both times they managed to crawl back and win the series.  They have been led by their dominant pitching and that is going to be their key to winning it all.  This is going to be a team that makes many trips here in seasons to come, so if they manage to get a ring in their first appearance, Charlotte is going to be the new team to beat in all of Duff Beer.

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