Championship Series Preview

American League



Vancouver Killivers




San Francisco Rocks

The American League Championship series will be between the top two teams, which makes sense.  Both of these teams played great all season long, and their hard work has clearly paid off.  The long time successful Killivers, against the up and coming franchise Rocks, we are guaranteed a thrilling series.

For Vancouver, they are used to this role.  Being the top team has become expected for them, however the age of their team is going to catch up with them soon.  It appears as though they realized this, and every player is giving it everything they have left.  They became the first team to take out Kansas City before the ALCS in 5 years, and now, they are looking to prove they are capable of winning a World Series.

Looking at San Francisco, we see a team that was the biggest spender in the off season.  It was unclear at first how this team would gel with their additions, but they have left little to question after going above and beyond expectations.  They came down to their final 3 outs against Philadelphia, and now they are one series away from shocking everyone, and proving that they are the new top dogs of the AL.


National League



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong




Salem Witch Hunters

For the 3rd consecutive post season, these two franchises will meet.  However, this is the first time that there is a World Series appearance on the line.  Both of these managed to get triple digit wins in a very strong NL, so you know that both have the talent to go all the way.  Unfortunately, though, only one can, and it is going to be one heck of a series to decide which power house will represent the National League.

As everybody already knows, Charlotte is an all around amazing team, and they have no weak spot.  They had a bit of a scare against New Orleans, but like all great teams do, they over came it.  There is no doubt that Charlotte has built a team guaranteed to have long term success, and a World Series is definitely in their near future.  Can they start their dynasty this season?

Salem finally managed to end their streak of 3 consecutive playoff series losses, and now they look to start a streak of victories.  It took a lot of guts, and luck, to edge past Minnesota as they won every game in the 9th.  Now they are faced against a team that has simply had their number.  Will revenge finally be had, or will Charlotte once again eliminate Salem.

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