Divisional Series Preview

American League



Vancouver Killivers




Kansas City Monarchs

A match up many expected to take place in the ALCS, comes a round early.  One of these teams has represented the AL in the past 3 World Series, and it is very likely that one will again.  This is the 4th consecutive season that Vancouver has held the #1 seed in the AL.  However, they continue to just miss their chance at a ring.  On the other hand, Kansas City has made an incredible 5 consecutive ALCS appearances, but like Vancouver, has been unable to reach glory.  Only one of these teams can move one step closer to what has eluded them both, the other, will once again be heart broken.


There will be a lot of offense in this series, and the teams who offense can provide that extra pop will come out on top.  Both have built dynasties in the American League, but it is time for Vancouver to step up and show they can win it all.  Look for a thrilling 5 game series, with Vancouver taking the 5th at home.




San Francisco Rocks




Philadelphia Phillies

The big off season by San Francisco proved to be very worth it as they clinched the division over defending AL champs Kansas City.  Meanwhile, a very slow start by Philadelphia was compounded by a strong showing over the later half of the season.  The Phillies completed a 4 game sweep of San Fran giving them the season edge 6-4.  Both teams relied on dominant pitching  to get them where they are, and they each hope to ride the arms of their staff just a little further.


A tough one to call here.  Both teams are still relatively new to the playoff scene so whichever wins will certainly be a new face in the AL Championship series.  If this series does come down to pitching, the slight edge will be in Philadelphia’s favor.  For that reason, I am going to take the Phillies with the upset in 5.




Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong




New Orleans aligators

A match up we expected to see from day 1.  The only question was which team would be seeded where.  Now that that has been answered, its time to watch the top two teams in the National League battle it out for a spot in the NLCS.  Charlotte had a season most teams only dream of.  Winning 113 games, which was 10 more than any team in the entire world.  New Orleans is looking to attempt to defend their World Series title, but they are going to have to go through this years favorites.  This NL South clash is going to be one for the ages.


It was a close series over the season with Charlotte ultimately taking it 6-4.  It is hard to pick against the Rae Dawn Chong, who is loaded with not only the best pitching staff in the world, but also one of the top offenses.  As good as New Orleans is (and boy are they good) I am going to have to go with Charlotte in 4.




Salem Witch Hunters




Minnesota Baggies

The Baggies showed last round that they are no ordinary 6 seed.  They are in fact a team capable of winning it all if they manage to go on a hot streak.  And they very well might.  After a bit of a down year last season, Salem returned to the triple figure win column and in grand fashion.  However, with as good of teams as they have had, they haven’t made it past this round in the past 3 years.  Could this be the year they finally make it back over that hump, or will the greatest team Duff Beer has ever known make it to their 17th NLCS in 20 years.


A dead tie in the season series makes this one tough to call.  Both teams have explosive offenses that could go off at any time, while they also both posses great rotations capable of holding the other team to nothing.  As much as it pains me to go against Minnesota (and also at the risk of jinxing myself) I am going to go with Salem in a close 5.

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