Playoff Races


National League



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

Charlotte has not only secured the NL South, but they have also locked up the 1 seed.  In a very talented National League, they were able to separate themselves all season long.  If they continue this play, they are destined for the World Series, but no NL playoff team can be counted out.


Salem Witch Hunters

Salem secured the division awhile ago, it has once again been a matter of battling for the 2 seed. A late season collapse last year cost them that opportunity and they are determined to change that this year.  It is going to come right down to the end in a season where a bye has never been more important.


New Orleans aligators

A bit of misfortune means that even though they currently hold the second best record, they are going to end up settling with the 5 seed.  The defending champs once again will be competitors, but if they want to repeat, they’ll have an extra round on their hands.  It’s looking like quite the exciting NLDS with Charlotte if they make it through round 1.

In The Hunt:


Hartford Crusaders

Still holding the division lead on Minnesota, Hartford is inches from ending the historical streak.  Meanwhile, they are also on the cusp of earning themselves a first round bye.  And if  all that wasn’t enough, should they slip even a little, Minnesota AND Little Rock are both looking to earn themselves a playoff spot.


Minnesota Baggies

The Baggies find themselves in a unfamiliar spot.  They are fighting not just for the division, but to just make the playoffs.  While it is clear that should they make the playoffs they’ll be a threat to anyone, it is going to take some real guts by this team to extend their season.  It’s time for them to step up, and prove they are still elite.


Fargo Red River

The offense has still not gotten it together, but Fargo has a fighting chance.  Currently looking up at two teams for the 6 seed, Fargo is going to need to play excellent baseball, and get a little bit of help if they want to find themselves in the post season.


Little Rock Bill Clintons

Little Rock has had an excellent season.  While they are in third in their division, they are right with Minnesota in the battle for the 6 seed.  Their schedule is going to be tough down the stretch, but they have found a way to win all season long so maybe they can do just a little more to be the surprise team in this years playoffs.


San Juan Clementes

While they are under .500, San Juan currently leads the NL East as they have most of the season.  The divisional match ups will decide their fate, they seem to be the top team in this week division.  Just a couple more wins, and they should find themselves moving on.


Cleveland Crappers
We expected a below average season for the Crappers, but even with that, they are in the hunt.  It should keep fans coming out to support them, but it is hard to see them as a playoff team.


Atlanta BeerCats

A disappointing season for Atlanta, but they still have a shot.  Many expected them to be on top at this point, but that’s not how it turned out.  Time is running out if they want to catch San Juan, but they have the ability to do it.


Rochester Sidewinders

Currently one of the bottom teams in the entire National League, but a hot streak has put Rochester into the mix.  It’s unlikely that they will make it to the top, but hey, who knows.

American League



Vancouver Killivers

The only true lock at this point in the American League.  Vancouver is looking to earn yet another 1 seed, but that’s not what is on their mind.  They have been a team capable of winning a world series for many seasons, but they have not been able to do so.  Could this finally be their year? Time will tell.

In The Hunt:


Louisville Hill Jacks

Louisville has led the division all season, and it appears as though they will hold on.They also currently find themselves battling for a bye, so their will be no time to relax for the Hill Jacks.  It will be interesting to see what they are capable of come playoff time.


Philadelphia Phillies

Another good season by Philadelphia, but this time they are going to have to fight their way in.  They trail in both the division and the wild card, so it is going to take some good play by them to get back to where they were last season.


San Francisco Rocks

Currently leading the very strong AL West, San Francisco still has a long way to go.  They have Kansas City and Colorado right on their heals, but they also are trying to keep up with Louisville to get the 2 seed.  It will be a wild end to the season for the Rocks, and they would certainly shock the league if they managed to hold on to the division.


Kansas City Monarchs

As expected, they are in the playoff race and should move on.  Surprisingly, they are only in a wild card spot.  Regardless of where they end up, they’ll be an AL favorite and will be hard to stop from getting to their 6th straight ALCS.


Colorado U$eful Idiot$

Currently hold the 6 seed, but could easily move up to the 2 seed by seasons end.  Just like their 2 divisional rivals, they are a top AL team and should be able to hold on to at least a wild card spot.


El Paso Manatee Dogs

A big turn around from last season as it looks like El Paso will make their second ever trip to the playoffs.  It will be tough for them to be succesful there, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.


Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

Their big offesne has kept them close, and they will need a lot more of it if they are to overtake El Paso.  It should definitely be an intersting ending to this seasons AL South.

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