Power Rankings (36 Games)



Salem Watch Hunters


A hot start for Salem, including a 9 game winning streak, lands them at #1. Robin Moriarty and Vic Parkers are two of the smaller names on the Witch Hunters, but have been keys to their early success.  Look for the pitching to remain dominant as they battle in a very talented National League.



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong


Looking to return to the top of the South, Charlotte is playing well early on. Pat Hackman and Pablo Bravo are destroying the ball and Cookie Rodriguez is having another all star season.  They will all need to continue producing in order to hold off the defending champs.



Vancouver Killivers


Once again, Vancouver tops the American League.  Already running away with the North, this season is going to be all about a successful playoff  run for the Killivers. Luke Saunders and co. are tired of falling short.



New Orleans aligators


New Orleans is once again playing like a team that could win a championship, and that is what they expect to do. Willie Ozuna is producing God like numbers and new addition Jeffrey Jackson has highlighted the rotation.  Expect the aligators to get on a roll and fight their way back to the top.



Hartford Crusaders


After an amazing start, Hartford has cooled off a little. Domingo Colon has been untouchable and the rest of the rotation is also pitching very well.  It’s too early to think about Hartford ending Minnesota’s 17 season run, but it’s going to be fun to watch.



Louisville Hill Jacks


Another team that has started the season very hot.  The Hill Jacks offense has simply been clicking and it puts them up top in the East, and in the AL. If Jonathan Garcia continues having the career year he has started out as, Louisville will surely return to the top of their division, and could possible be a danger to everyone.



Kansas City Monarchs


It is clear that Kansas City is not going to have an easy season.  With 1 game separating the entire division, the Monarchs are going to have to bring their A game, every game. Alfredo Gaetti has helped them get where they are, but it is time for the rest of the team to step up.



Minnesota Baggies


We saw a slow start from the Baggies last year, so this doesn’t mean much.  The offense will do what is expected all season.  However, the pitching staff seems to be a little rocky this season.  It will be interesting to see where the Baggies go from here.



San Francisco Rocks


San Francisco is showing that this year will be different.  They are going to compete all season, and they are going to fight for that first division title. Bubbles Wise is leading the pitching staff right now, but it is safe to say that the numbers will shift a little bit as the season goes on.



Colorado U$eful Idiot$


It took awhile, but Tarrik Franklin has figured it out, and this will only mean bad things for the rest of the American League.  The biggest struggle for the U$eful Idiot$ has been their bullpen, but if they can turn it around, then Colorado will once again be in the playoff race.


New Britain Bulldogs


Richard Floyd is proving to be worth the money, and then some.  A complete 180 from the way the Bulldogs started last season.  If they can manage to keep up this play all year, we may be talking about New Britain in the playoff conversation.



Anaheim Halos


Right in the mix of their division.  A return trip to the playoffs is going to mean fighting all season long to keep up with Kansas City, Colorado and San Francisco.  There’s no overlooking the Halos.



Little Rock Bill Clintons


Corban Witasick and Bobby Joe Adams are turning into the face of this franchise.  Being in a division with New Orleans and Charlotte is no easy task.  Little Rock almost pushed their way in last season, and with their youth performing the way they are, the Bill Clintons should once again pose a threat.



Santa Fe Bible Thumpers


It’s safe to say that the changes in Santa Fe were a success.  They started the season in amazing fashion, and continue to crush the ball.  If the pitching staff can at least keep them in games, the offense will take care of the rest.  Richmond has won 13 out of the last 14 division crowns, so winning the South would be huge for Bible Thumper fans.



Philadelphia Phillies


After starting 0-8, the Phillies have managed to bounce back.  It’s going to take more than the pitching of Bronson Welch to get Philadelphia back to East champs.



Atlanta BeerCats


An unfortunately slow start for Atlanta.  Lucky for them, it was also a slow start for the rest of the division and they find themselves tied for first.  They have given up a huge amount of runs and if they can’t get their pitching on track, they will have a very tough time competing with the top NL teams.



Fargo Red River


The offense that carried them last year has not shown up yet. Tyson James is crushing the ball but aside from him its been quiet.  The story for Fargo has been their young pitching of Endy Roa and Paul Blackwell.  The bats will surely awaken, and if the pitching remains this good, Fargo could be a team to watch.


Richmond Spiders


Their age may be catching up with them. Coco Burkett is raking but more guys need to step up to keep Richmond on top.  The pitching staff is going to give them trouble so unless the offense starts hitting, it could be the end of the Richmond era.



Helena Big Sky Bombers


Its tough to be a successful pitcher in the NL but Pascual Armas is finding a way.  Helena tried making things exciting last season, and could hang around again, but it doesn’t appear to be their time quite yet.



Cleveland Crappers


They’re a young team, and they weren’t expected to be near the top of the division, but here they are tied for the top.  Cleveland certainly has talented players on their team, and if Atlanta’s struggles continue, we may continue watching the Crappers.



San Juan Clementes


Another team benefiting from the currently weak NL East. Edge Klesko is playing very well and has led the Clementes thus far.  At this point, it is anybody’s guess as to where this division will go so San Juan will remain a team to watch.



Rochester Sidewinders


Young Oswaldo Vizcaino is getting his first taste of the bigs.  He may be needed much more than expected if Rochester remains in the race for the division.  The pitching staff will likely prevent that, but you never know.



Las Vegas Gamblers


They have certainly improved from last year. Anthony Manning is producing amazing numbers, but the lack of pitching will limit the success the Gamblers will see this year.



Chicago Weiners


Their payroll may be next to nothing, but the Weiners still come out ready to play. Vasco Carrasco is highlighting their season so far.  Success is destined to be short lived, but Chicago is enjoying it right now.



Columbus Isotopes


While the Isotopes may have another down year, Luis Almanza is having none of it.  He is producing MVP like numbers early on, and is a hero in Columbus.



Trenton Shockmasters


Trenton saw this coming.  They traded most of their top players for prospects, and will be rebuilding for a couple years.  They’ll simply be a team looking to make the good teams mad by winning games here and there.



El Paso Manatee Dogs


Disappointing start for the Manatee Dogs who were big movers this off season.  Plenty of time to turn it around, but maybe there is still more work to be done.



Augusta Moose Heads


Ubaldo Beltre is earning his money and giving Moose Head fans something to cheer for.  But when you give up the 2nd most runs in the bigs, you are going to be in trouble.  Augusta has not sank too far due to that however, so maybe they can still hang around.



Boise Blue


A solid start for Boise has been erased by poor play lately. Jack Wunsch is doing well, but its looking like another rough year for the Blue.



Houston Juicers


The good news is, this is no surprise.  Houston is in need of a major rebuild, and that’s the only thing they are concentrating on.



Tampa Bay Sharks


You have to feel for Arthur Hannity.  Pitching great, but nothing to show for it.  Tampa Bay isn’t getting blown out, and they have players doing well, but so far it has been all downhill for them.



Arizona Royals


It’s a tough time to be a Royal. David Roque is having a great year, but the pitching just isn’t there.  It will likely be a long season in Arizona, but they knew that going into it.

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