Series of the Week (Week 2)


New Orleans aligators



Minnesota Baggies

5/27 AM, 5/27 PM1, 5/27 PM2

Another Series of the Week featuring a rematch of last years LCS.  This time, we see the National League version.  In New Orleans, there is a team coming off their first championship and looking to add to it.  In Minnesota, there is a team that has always been good, and has had to move to their second hand to fit the rings they’ve won.

Early on in New Orleans, it is much of what we saw last year. Willie Ozuna is tearing it up, and Lariel Lopez is looking to repeat his Cy Young year.  Meanwhile, the addition of Jeffrey Jackson has also proved to make the aligators even more dominant than before as he is a perfect 4-0 in 4 starts.

In Minnesota, they are having what would seem to be another slow start.  The offense is once again there, but some pitching struggles have hindered them. Albie Reynoso is having a break out year so far and Sun-Woo Uchida is coming into his own.  It will come down to their pitching turning things around.

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