Series of the Week (Week 1)

First off, congratulations goes out to Ned Broussard and Raul Rodriguez on being inducted into the National Duff Beer Hall of Fame.


Kansas City Monarchs



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

5/19 PM2, 5/20 AM, 5/20 PM1, 5/20 PM2

After a quick turnover, and an active off-season, Duff Beer returns to the regular season.  There is no better way to start it off, then by facing the two teams that fought in the American League Championship Series last season.  The rivalry of these two AL West foes reached new limits as they dueled for a spot in the World Series.  Each team features 5 all stars from last season, so it is safe to say each have very high expectations once again.  They will both likely be in the running for the AL West title, and also a top seed in the post season.  This series will certainly give us an idea of what kind of race it will be.

For Colorado, reigning MVP Tarrik Franklin is back and better than ever, which is a very scary thought.  Gold Glove ss Jorge Pinzon will also return to the field, looking to keep is pitchers feeling confident.  The U$eful Idiot$ will certainly be looking to improve on last seasons run, and also have plans to top the AL.

As for Kansas City, success has become expected.  Five consecutive ALCS appearances, as well as reaching 2 out of the last 3 World Series shows how dominate they are.  However, having no rings to show for it is difficult to swallow. Russell Duke is coming off a Cy Young award and will lead one of the top rotations in baseball.  Silver Sluggers Albert DeSoto and Wilin Delgado will also be back and will be major parts of the Monarch offense.

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