League Championship Series

American League


Kansas City Monarchs




Colorado U$eful Idiot$


Season Series- Colorado 5 Kansas City 5


Colorado- Defeated Richmond Spiders 3-0, Defeated Vancouver Killivers 3-1

Kansas City- First Round Bye, Defeated Anaheim Halos 3-1


A match up of two AL West opponents.  These two were even all season long and had a division battle down to the end.  Now, they meet with a trip to the World Series on the line.  Neither franchise has ever been able to call them selves champions, so you can imagine how much getting a chance will mean to them.

Kansas City displayed their offensive dominance by blowing past Anaheim, and they will look to carry that over against Colorado.  They may have breathed a slight sigh of relief when Vancouver fell, but Colorado has proven they are capable of beating anybody, so the Monarchs can’t overlook them.

The U$eful Idiot$ shocked all of Duff Beer by taking out the AL favorites.  They are now poised to continue their incredible run against Kansas City.  Colorado’s manager is not surprised by the success, as he knew they’d be a dangerous #5 seed.  Can they pull of 1 more upset to do the unthinkable?


National League


New Orleans aligators




Minnesota Baggies


Season Series- New Orleans 8 Minnesota 2


New Orleans- First Round Bye, Defeated Hartford 3-2

Minnesota- First Round Bye, Defeated Charlotte 3-1


About what everybody expected to see here.  The two best teams in the NL will meet in the League Championship.  Minnesota is looking to go back to the World Series and attempt to win their 3rd straight.  New Orleans on the other hand is looking to make it for the first time.

New Orleans was the best team in baseball all season.  They dominated Minnesota in the regular season, but that means nothing now.  It will take some guts by the aligators to step up and take out the Champs.

Everybody knows the story of the Baggies.  The top team in the league for many years, and they are back looking to prove it again.  They have one of the toughest opponents they’ve seen, and will certainly be pushed right up to the end.

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