Division Play In Series Preview

American League


Philadelphia Phillies




Anaheim Halos



Season Series– Anaheim 3 Philadelphia 7


Ignacio Castillo and the Anaheim Halos have clawed their way back finishing 62-35 to earn the final playoff spot.  Not many, if any, expected to see them here.  Meanwhile, Ralph Lyon and the Philadelphia Phillies are making their first appearance in 12 years after taking their first division title.  Two underdog teams that have shocked the American League, one will move on, one will go home.  The Phillies had the edge all season and it will come down to whether or not the Halos can get at the pitching staff of the Phillies.  I believe that the Halo’s just aren’t quite up to it, and Philadelphia will take it in 4.  However, I have been very wrong about Anaheim before.


Richmond Spiders




Colorado U$eful Idiot$



Season SeriesRichmond 8 Colorado 2


Lonnie Ellis and the #4 seed Richmond Spiders are going to have their hands full as they take on Tarrik Franklin and the favored #5 seed U$eful Idiot$.  A dominate 8-2 season series shows that Richmond knows how to beat Colorado, and are going to look to use that same magic in the playoffs.  Colorado is just coming off a tight division race and are playing some great ball and have been tough to beat all season.  However, sometimes a team just has your number and no matter what you do, they’ll always top you.  I find this to be the case as I’m taking Richmond to win it in a close 5 game series.

National League


Salem Witch Hunters




Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong



Season Series– Salem 5 Charlotte 5


In this match up, Pablo Bravo and the #6 seed Rae Dawn Chong will duel Mark Wang and the #3 Witch Hunters.  An even split in the season series and almost an identical record makes this one very hard to predict.  Charlotte has the slight edge in every category, possibly giving them a very slight advantage.  Both teams have had their ups and downs down the stretch run and only one will be able to get hot at the right time.  It will likely come down to which rotation can get the job done.  I find it very difficult not to go with Charlotte here, who will take it in a tight 5.


Atlanta BeerCats




Hartford Crusaders



Season Series– Atlanta 4 Hartford 6


Joel Rossy and the #4 seed BeerCats will have their hands full when they take on Yunel Flores and the dominate #5 Hartford Crusaders.  Hartford almost made a run at Minnesota towards the end, but they wouldn’t make up for their slow start and will have to fight their way through.  Atlanta was fortunate of being in a weak division and was able to edge out Rochester when it counted.  The NL East has not seen a team in the NL Championship in 16 seasons, and it is likely the drought will continue.  Hartford is no ordinary #5 seed and could easily make a deep run.  Look for them to get past Atlanta in 4.

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