Playoff Race (14 Games Left)

National League



New Orleans has locked up not only the NL South, but also likely the #1 seed in the playoffs.  They have the best record in the majors by a margin and are poised to make a playoff run.


A large margin between them and Hartford means Minnesota will once again take the NL North.  A very strong second half will also give Minnesota the #2 seed and that all important first round bye.  The 2 time defending champs will be favored by many to get back to the World Series.


A very poor showing in the second half from Salem moved them from #1 to #3 and a likely meeting with Charlotte or Hartford in round 1.  Unless they regain their form of the first half, they will not last in the post season.

NL East Race


Remaining Schedule:

4 vs Salem

4 @ Charlotte

3 vs Cincinnatti

3 vs Rochester

The BeerCats have held first place for a good portion of the season.  Though they have not been able to separate themselves for a second.  A current 1 game advantage will mean that their final series of the season with Rochester will likely decide who advances.


Remaining Schedule:

4 @ Charlotte

4 vs Fargo

3 vs San Juan

3 @ Atlanta

The team nobody expected.  Rochester has scrapped their way all season long and find themselves 1 game back.  They have never made the playoffs before so this would truly make them the Cinderella going in.

NL Wild Card Race


Remaining Schedule:

4 vs New Orleans

4 @ Salem

3 @ Fargo

3 @ Minnesota

Out of no where Hartford climbed up and stole the 5 seed from Charlotte.  This may prove crucial as the #6 seed will likely have to face Salem and Minnesota in order to reach the NLCS.  A very hard schedule to finish up will make it hard for Hartford to keep the #5 seed.  However if they do, they will be a very deadly one.


Remaining Schedule:

4 vs Rochester

4 vs Atlanta

3 vs Tampa Bay

3 @ New Orleans

They are still playing well.  Just not quite as well as Hartford has been playing.  A 5 game cushion on Fargo and Little Rock should be enough to keep them at at least the #6 seed.  However, the #5 seed is much more appealing so look for the starers to stay in all every game as they try to fight for it.


Remaining Schedule:

4 @ Boise

4 @ Rochester

3 vs Hartford

3 @ Helena

A great season for Fargo is likely coming to an end.  5 back is doable, but unlikely.  The good news for them is that the young pitching is making impacts and their are plenty of bats in the organization to make them a threat for a long time to come.


Remaining Schedule:

4 @ Minnesota

4 @ Arizona

3 @ New Orelans

3 vs Tampa Bay

They didn’t really turn it on until it was too late.  A good ending stretch for Little Rock shows promise for next year, but will ultimately be disappointing.  Its a tough division to win in and they will need some improvements to reach the next step for seasons to come.

American League



Once again Vancouver will be the #1 seed.  And once again they will be the favorites.  However, none of that means anything if they don’t end the year with a ring.  They will be tough to topple and tough to bet against come playoffs.


For the first time, the Phillies will be champs of the AL East.  However, there is still work to be done.  the #2 seed is in their sight and any time a first round bye is on the line, you go for it.  Look for them to push hard down the stretch.


A good season for Richmond as they will yet again win the AL South.  A #4 seed is in their future and they will likely be the underdog against Kansas City or Colorado.  However, that doesn’t mean they can’t surprise somebody.

AL West Race


Remaining Schedule:

4 @ Trenton

4 vs Columbus

3 vs Kansas City

3 @ Anaheim

Currently dead even with Kansas City as the two teams battle for a division title.  The winner will end up with the #2 or #3 seed.  The loser, a date with Richmond.  Colorado has finished behind Kansas City the past 2 years and are ready for a change.


Remaining Schedule:

4 @ Louisville

4 @ Philadelphia

3 @ Colorado

3 @ San Francisco

Certainly the tougher schedule out of themselves and Colorado.  However that shouldn’t worry Kansas City.  They have proven to be one of the top teams in the AL all season and will look to continue that down the stretch as they try to keep the AL West crown.

Wild Card Race:


Remaining Schedule:

4 vs Kansas City

4 @ San Antonio

3 @ Trenton

3 vs Philadelphia

They have watched their lead slip away.  Still 2 games up on the closest team, but there are many more looking to take them over.  Louisville needs to figure out how to win again or else their collapse could leave them out of the playoffs.


Remaining Schedule:

4 vs Chicago

4 vs Vancouver

3 @ Anaheim

3 vs Kansas City

Been playing around the same record all year.  Now its time they get on a roll.  Its their only chance to not only over take Louisville, but also keep from getting passed by the other teams lurking.  A tough schedule will force them to play their best ball of the season.


Remaining Schedule:

4 vs Vancouver

4 vs Houston

3 vs San Francisco

3 vs Colorado

The come back continues.  The once bottom ranked team is now just 3 back of a playoff spot.  They will be at home for the rest of their schedule but will be playing against some tough opponents.  Can the resurgence of the Halos lift them just a little bit further?


Remaining Schedule:

4 vs Colorado

4 @ Santa Fe

3 vs Louisville

3 vs New Britain

They’re hot.  And they’ll have to stay hot to catch Louisville.  3 back with 14 to play, they are the only team in the hunt who will actually get to play against Louisville.  They’ll need to take them all if they want to climb into the playoffs.


Remaining Schedule:

4 @ Santa Fe

4 vs Chicago

3 vs Philadelphia

3 @ Trenton

Now 4 back, but still very much in it.  Another team that looked down and out but has found a way to make themselves a contender.  Even if they don’t end up on top, they’ll be remembered as a team that didn’t quit.

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