Key Remaining Series

National League


Rochester Sidewinders



Atlanta BeerCats

4/16 am, 4/16 pm, 4/16 pm2

Season Series: Atlanta leads 4-3

The NL East looks like it may come down to the final 3 games.  Two surprise teams in the NL will look to battle it out and decide who will get the 4 seed and division title, and who will have to likely wait till next year.  Both teams are still young and developing but a playoff appearance for either would be a great thing.  Rochester is a team who has never even sniffed the playoffs, while Atlanta has been there, but has not done well in a long team.  Could this be the year the NL East pushes a team deep in the playoffs?  Louis Barrett looks to carry the BeerCats back to the postseason, while Don Bechler tries to inspire his young team to their first ever appearance.


Hartford Crusaders



Fargo Red River

4/15 am, 4/15 pm, 4/15 pm2

Season Series: Fargo Leads 4-3

Two division foes, but they are not fighting for the division.  These two teams are going to be battling it out for what will likely be the final spot in the playoffs.  Hartford is certainly no stranger to this as they have taken a wild card spot each of the past 5 seasons.  Fargo, however, was not supposed to be here.  Coming in 3rd or worse in the division for the past 11 seasons, it seemed they would continue on the rebuild trail.  However, Tyson James has sparked something in his team and they are within striking distance. Yunel Flores and the Crusaders have other things in mind and will look to bring the Red Rivers Cinderella season to an end.


Little Rock Bill Clintons



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

4/11 pm, 4/11 pm2, 4/12 am

Season Series: Charlotte Leads 4-3

The way Charlotte has played in the second half of the season has seemingly ensured them a spot in the playoffs, likely as the 5 seed.  Little Rock on the other hand is still looking up, and trying to force their way in.  Put them in the NL East, and they are vying for a division title.  That is not their case.  Currently trailing Hartford and Fargo for the 6 seed, the Bill Clintons need to pull off a spectacular comeback and it could start with their series vs Charlotte.  It will likely come down to the performance of Dennys Martin who has carried them all season long.  However, Charlotte and Pablo Bravo will be looking continue their surge right into the post season.

American League


Philadelphia Phillies



Louisville Hill Jacks

4/16 am, 4/16 pm, 4/16 pm2

Season Series: Louisville Leads 5-2

Whether or not this series will have implications on the division is still to be determined.  The Phillies currently have a nice cushion and appear to be on their way to their first division title in franchise history.  Louisville on the other hand find themselves as the current 6 seed, which as of right now would mean a rematch against Philadelphia in round 1.  So there is a lot going on here.  Louisville has dominated the season series so far and they will be trying to continue to do so in order to lock up a playoff spot in the final 3 games.  The Phillies need to try to improve their performance against their potential first round foes and strike some fear in them.  It will be a matchup between all-star sluggers Ralph Lyon and Jonathan Garcia.


Kansas City Monarchs



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

4/15 am, 4/15 pm, 4/15 pm2

Season Series: Colorado Leads 4-3

Two top contenders in the AL will square off to decide the AL West.  One will take home the division crown and possibly a first round bye, the other a likely 5 seed.  Colorado’s hot start will not be forgotten but it has been Kansas City’s consistency that has propelled them to first.  Colorado has finished behind the Monarchs the past 2 seasons and are looking to place themselves back atop, but they will need some help and will also need to dominate this series.  Kansas City on the other hand is looking to finally get over the playoff hump and win a ws, and would like to earn the easiest road possible.  (Not that any road in the playoffs is easy) Max Valenzuela will lead the Monarchs against Tarrik Franklin and the U$eful Idiot$ in a much anticipated show down.

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