All Star Break Glance

American League

Division Leaders


Wild Card/In The Hunt


Break Down

North: Vancouver will once again be the champs of the North, and likely the American League.  They are the best and are proving it.  Augusta has shown signs of life but much like Chicago and Columbus, will not be in the picture this year.

East: Surprise team of the AL belongs the the Phillies.  With zero division titles in their history the pitching this season has been outstanding and they have placed themselves on top.  Louisville  has the offense to be a playoff team, however the pitching has given up a lot of runs and could hinder them from catching Philadelphia.  Trenton is also remaining close, and should be able to make a run in the second half.  New Britain has had struggles, but finds themselves only 11 back.  Their season is not over, but it is still a long road ahead.

South: Richmond has been performing of late and the offense has turned it on to give them a 10 game lead in the South.  San Antonio started off a lot better than they have played lately and if it continues it will be another year out of the post season.  Houston and Santa Fe are both in rebuild mode and could play the role of spoiler late in the season.

West: The mighty West will once again have 3 teams looking to go to the post season.  Colorado started off as the top team in baseball but have since cooled off a little.  San Francisco had a miserable beginning to the season but have found form and are within striking distance.  Kansas City has found  a way to win it the last 2 seasons, and have been playing like the team who will win it again.  Anaheim has benefited from being ranked #32, however it doesn’t seem that they have enough to join the other 3.


North: No real battle here, it will be Vancouver by a land slide.

East: So long as the Phillies pitching keeps it up, they should be able to hold off Louisville and the surging Trenton.

South: Richmond has bounced back from a slow start and should hold on to a relatively weak division.

West: It will likely be another 3 way race.  Colorado has slowed down while San Francisco has been heating up.  However, look for Kansas City to hold on.

National League

Division Leaders


Wild Card/In The Hunt


Break Down

North:  The North is a very scary division.  Every team is above .500 at the break and none of them show signs of slowing down.  Defending champs Minnesota are outscoring opponents by almost 200 runs already, while Cinderella stories Fargo and Helena both continue to find a way.  Hartford has rebounded from a slow start and will make for an exciting race in the second half.

East: Nothing like it was last year.  San Juan has toppled from the top down to the bottom but remains close enough to have some life.  Cincinnati is doing about as well as expected and only trails by 7.  Rochester is the surprise team of the NL currently tied for 1st despite being outscored by over 40 runs.  Atlanta has risen up and has done quite well as they look to put the NL East back on the map.

South: The Sotuh once again has 3 competitive teams.  Tampa Bay will once again be the bottom dwellers for the 7th year in a row.  Little Rock is performing well up to this point, however they made need to shop for something if they want to move up any.  New Orleans has been one of the best teams in the league all season long and they have shown no signs of slowing down.  While Charlotte started off a little slow, they have recently turned it on and should be able to make a race of it towards the end.

West: Not too much to talk about in the West.  Boise, Arizona, and Las Vegas all have a lot of potential in the coming years but for now just arent at the level of the top team.  Salem is 22 up on the closest team and will earn another division crown.


North: Possibly the best division in baseball will likely remain competitive till the very end.  Minnesota is outscoring opponents by 200 runs so look for them to hold off Fargo, Hartford, and Helena.

East: Tough to predict, but the edge belongs with Atlanta.  Rochester is outperforming and will likely fizzle out towards the end.

South: It appears to be New Orleans year.  However, Charlotte has been playing very well so it should remain close.

West: Much like Vancouver in the AL, a 20+ lead at the break says it all.  Salem will win the West.

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