Series of the Week (Week 4)


Philadelphia Phillies




New Orleans Aligators


It was a tough choice this week with Vancouver @ Salem and Charlotte @ Minnesota.  However, this inter-league show down will certainly be an exciting one.  The Phillies, who haven’t finished better than 3rd in their division since season 5, are currently on top of the East, and tied with Vancouver in wins on top of the AL.  Can they keep it up? Time will tell.  Currently 21-4 in 1 run games, and 8-1 in extra innings, a little bit of luck combined with excellent pitching has placed them where they are.  The acquisition of Harry Gil has proven very beneficial.

As for New Orleans, the best team in baseball is back in the spot light.  Currently 43-17 and 10 up on Charlotte, the aligators have been running away and not looking back.  Currently #5 in fielding, #4 in pitching, and #6 in hitting, this group is an all around power house and looks to continue form as the season goes on.

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