POWER RANKINGS (Through 32/33)

1. (1.)



Don’t panic yet folks, a slow start for the Baggies isn’t the end of the world.  They are still outscoring opponents 240-151 which is the best margin in the league.  It’s going to take a little more than a slow start to knock Minnesota off of #1.

2. (5.)



Making moves left and right, the alligators are improving each day.  Currently tied for the best record, they continue to find ways to win through pitching and hitting.  Look for them to continue their winning ways and try to hold off the surging Rae Dawn Chong.

3. (2.)



Got off the a very hot start, but have since slowed down a little.  It looks like the division has already been clinched so Vancouver will fight all season for that #1 seed.  Their $130 million payroll gives them pitching depth as well as a plethora of solid hitters.

4. (11.)


An early season surprise, or a predictor of whats to come.  The U$eful Idiot$ are tied for the best record in the bigs and show no sign of slowing down.  Their offense is a power house currently and even the pitching is getting it done.  Still a ways to go but Colorado are certainly giving the AL something to worry about.

5. (6.)



About what we expected.  A solid start for Kansas City who is only in second due to the aforementioned Colorado.  Their offense leads the league in runs scored and they are quite content with the early stages of the season.  The division battle will likely be another tight one, but it seems as though the Monarchs are ready for it.

6. (4.)



A couple early injuries leaves Salem with a respectable 20-12 record.  The pitching is definitely there, they just need a little more offense to put it all together.  In the tough NL, Salem will be battling all season long.

7. (7.)



No move from the pre-season rank for Louisville.  A very solid, expected start.  They have the Phillies right behind them but its still a mystery as to how long that will last.  Their offense has been there and its given them most of their wins.  So long as the pitching can keep them in games, it will be a good season for the Hill Jacks.

8. (3.)



A slow start for Charlotte, but they have been bouncing back of late.  Surprisingly the pitching has had some struggles early on.  Don’t expect this to last as New Orleans is challenging them to play better.  Expect the 6 game gap to slowly begin to close as the Rae Dawn Chong find their form.

9. (18.)



Surprised? A little.  But the Beer Cats have earned their place in the top 10.  They may not being scoring as many runs as some of the other top 10 teams, but they are holding opponents.  In an NL East that will most definitely be up for grabs, Atlanta has the early edge and will look to stay strong as the season progresses.

10. (17.)



Not as much of a surprise as Atlanta, the Phillies were a strong team last year and seem to only be getting better.  Currently only a half game out of first place is going to keep the fans rooting for them as they continue their push towards a possible post season.

11. (8.)



Another team with a slow start, but have found their way back to form.  Richmond fans are not ready to end their string of playoff berths and it appears the team has figured things out.  Look for the offense to step up their game and extend the Spiders lead over the rest of the AL South.

12. (24.)



And then there was Fargo.  Quite possibly the biggest early season surprise in a tie for first place with Minnesota.  The pitching scraps have so far been keeping them in games and the offense has found a way to win it.  Can the Red River continue this?  Only time will tell.

13. (9.)



Currently .500 and in third in the division, Hartford fans are scratching their heads.  It’s still far to early to have any cause for concern, but it appears the division could be tougher than expected   The Crusaders will likely righten the ship and give Minnesota a run for their money, but first they must get past Fargo.

14. (12.)



Not a bad start for Boise.  Their pitching staff leaves much to be desired but the offense is getting them wins which leaves them in the hunt.  It’s likely though that have the pitching continues to struggle, the Blue may start to slip off.

15. (27.)



If Fargo is the biggest surprise, Rochester is right behind them.  Being outscored by 21 runs, but 5 games over .500.  The Sidewinders are finding a way to win ball games, and thats all they have to do.  It’s likely that their lack of offense will catch up with them, but for now they are going to enjoy the glory and only being .5 out of first.

16. (21.)



Not a bad start to the season for the Bucs.  They have been competitive and lie only 2 back of Richmond early on.  Its been a rough go the past few seasons so maybe the decent start will give them something to look forward too.

17. (13.)



The pitching has hurt them.  They can score the runs, but so far that hasn’t been enough.  It’s still early so their is plenty of time for Trenton to rebound and make a playoff push.  They have dominated their division so far so that leaves plenty of hope.

18. (28.)



Maybe a little bit of bad luck leaves Columbus 4 under.  It certainly isn’t a lack of run support.  One of the top scoring teams so far could mean a successful season for the Isotopes.  However, pitching wins championships and thats what they are lacking.  Maybe a move here or their will make them contenders this year.

19. (15.)



It will be a tough year for Little Rock having to deal with New Orleans and Charlotte.  .500 so far, they’ve given up more runs than they would like.  They do have talent so nothing is said and done yet, but they can’t afford to fall very far behind.

20. (10.)



A young team who is still shaking the rust off.  They once again will most likely have to battle for a wild card spot with their own division, but they found a way last year.  Don’t be to surprised if they start getting hot and find a way again this year.

21. (32.)



Anything is better than last.  Santa Fe actually has been one of the most explosive offenses in the league up to this point.  The pitching isn’t there, but what can you expect.  The fans are certainly loving coming to the games to watch their rebuilt team crush the ball as they continue rebuilding.

22. (30.)



Maybe I was a little tough on them in the pre-season.  Augusta is off to a decent start this year and looks to keep improving.  Second place in the division only behind the mighty Vancouver, but they’re happy with where they are.  For now.

23. (26.)



Mostly what we expected.  They aren’t getting blown out of games, but 8 losses by 1 run will likely predict how this year will go.  The Red Stockings know there’s still some work to be done before they make a playoff run.

24. (16.)



Not the start San Juan was hoping for.  Their pitching is letting games get out of hand and that is why they are currently the bottom of the division.  Fortunately, there’s no clear cut favorite still so there is plenty of time for the Clementes to fight their way back up.

25. (25.)



Not a bad start for Helena.  5-5 in the division was better than expected.  Unfortunately they are another team that just doesn’t have the pitching to make a push this year.  But they aren’t in any rush.

26. (14.)



I don’t have to tell you the woes of the Bulldogs because we all know the story.  Bad luck has haunted them early on and has the makings of a very, very long season.  There’s still time, but sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

27. (23.)



Certainly not as bad as they look.  They just can’t seem to win the close ones.  Maybe they will find a way as they season grows, but it most likely won’t be a winning year for the Royals.

28. (29.)



Not bad for a $38 million payroll.  They are giving up more runs than anyone, but don’t have the worst record.  Scrappy baseball will be the Chicago’s motto this year as they look to a possible spending frenzy in the years to come.

29. (19.)



Not too much to say about the Sharks.  It will likely be another last place finish for them in the NL South.  Maybe they can play spoiler in some division games later on.

30. (22.)



It appears as though the ‘Juicers’ have gotten clean.  With only 156 runs so far this season, maybe it’s time they consulted A-Rod on where to pick up the good stuff.  If not, it could be a long season for them.

31. (20.)



Placed in the toughest division in the AL, the Halo’s are going to lay low while they other teams wear themselves out.  Give it a couple years, then they’ll make their move.

32. (31.)



On the bright side, they can only go up from here.  The worst offense in the league by a margin, but I don’t think that bothers them.  This team is going to be flooded with talented youth and will be able to obtain glory.  Just not right away

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