Series of the Week (week 2)


Salem Witch Hunters (15-5)



New Orleans Aligators (14-5)

2/26 AM, 2/26 PM, 2/26 PM2

Two NL playoff favorites are off to fast starts.  The Aligators, who fell 1 game short of a division title last year, are currently on top of the division and are looking to stay ahead of Charlotte.  New Orleans has been hot all around with the fifth best batting average in the bigs and the 8th best team ERA.  Bill Jackson and Willie Ozuna are hitting everything thrown at them both currently batting .391/.424 and .430/.479 respectively. Lariel Lopez has also been lights out so far with a microscopic 1.32 ERA and 0.97 WHIP.

On the other side, Salem won their division last year and are the favorites again this year.  Everything has also been clicking for Salem with the second ranked team ERA and the seventh ranked batting average and on base percentage.  In just his second season in the bigs, Trenidad Park is coming in to his own and rocking the ball hitting .369/.437.  Meanwhile, off season addition Neil Edwards is showing he can still play while Mark Wang is also earning his pay day.

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