Series of the Week





2/19 AM, 2/19 PM, 2/19 PM2

What better way to start off the season than with the 16 time defending NL North king, and the team with the best chance to knock them off their throne.  Hartford has come dangerously close the past few seasons, and are hoping that this year finally is the one.  Led by the mighty bat of Yunel Flores and a very solid rotation, this could be the season.

The Baggies have another thing in mind, though.  They are coming off a second consecutive world series and have no thoughts of slowing down.  A franchise that has only known winning is going to look to keep the tradition alive. Star players like Rudy Burch and Akinori Yosida who have 5 and 4 rings respectively, are looking to make sure they will have an argument to reach a currently very roomy Hall of Fame.

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