Pre-Season Power Rankings (S19)

Of course, this is just pre-season rankings so don’t think too much of it. Since I wasn’t in the league last season, I could only base these rankings off of last seasons record, expected win percentage, and division record. As the season begins and progresses I will update them. Obviously Free Agent signings and player development will have big impacts on each team.  But it is hard to predict how much impact, so I’m playing it safe for now.  If you believe I have under or over valued your team I apologize.  You all know your teams better than I do.  Everything will be more accurate come the regular season!



Minnesota Baggies

Last Season: (104-58) 1st NL North

 Off Season Additions:

Off Season additions? Who needs them.  This franchise has won 4 of the last 6 World Series’ and has become a dynasty.  The only thing that has eluded them, a 3-peat.



Vancouver Killivers

Last Season: (102-60) 1st AL North

Off Season Additions:

Karim EspinosaEduardo FriasRick MayJerry DiazAlejandro Flores

Making it to the World Series for the first time in franchise history last year was nice, but they wanted more.  A couple of additions could be exactly what this team needs to get to that next level.



Charlotte Rae Dawn Chong

Last Season: (103-59) 1st NL South

Off Season Additions:

A young team who came in to their own last season.  A tough loss to Minnesota left a bitter sweet taste.  However, their players are back with another year under their belt, and are ready to take the NL crown.



Salem Witch Hunters

Last Season: (103-59) 1st NL West

Off Season Additions:

Neil EdwardsCollin KroonTomas Cruz

A disappointing early exit from the playoffs last season leaves Salem wondering if they are too old and need to begin the rebuild.  However, giving it one more shot won’t disappoint the fans any.



New Orleans Aligators

Last Season: (102-60) 2nd NL South

Off Season Additions:

Lariel LopezWilkin HernandezJose BenaventeC.C. BryneWilkin Hernandez

Plenty of off season moves poise New Orleans to take a shot at Minnesota and Charlotte.  It will be a tough road, but it looks as though they are prepared.



Kansas City Monarchs

Last Season: (99-63) 1st AL West

Off Season Additions:

A tough 7 game series left another young team with a lot of hope coming in to this season.  Hard work in the off season left no additions needed.  They are no longer a bunch of kids wanting to win, they are expecting it.



Louisville Hill Jacks

Last Season: (95-67) 1st AL East

Off Season Additions:

Chico SojoRube Wieters

Upset in round 1, Louisville went to the drawing boards.  Two new faces could be what they need to avoid that this year, but what about round 2?



Richmond Spiders

Last Season: (93-69) 1st AL South

Off Season Additions:

Ivan Guillen

An offensive power house for years.  Richmond knows they will hit the ball, so long as age doesn’t catch up with them.  Look for them to take another division title home, and if they can market some pitching, possibly more.



Hartford Crusaders

Last Season: (94-68) 2nd NL North

Off Season Additions:

Charles NelsonHeinie CampbellTodd Harris, Edgar CrespoMac Reese

If somebody is going to end Minnesota’s 16 consecutive division title streak, it is this Hartford team.  Plenty of off season moves could finally end what is the most impressive streaks in baseball history.



San Francisco Rocks

Last Season: (93-69) 3rd AL West

Off Season Additions:

Albert CookCraig MaduroJulio Diaz

To earn 96 wins but only 3rd in the division could discourage some.  However, San Francisco is just going to fight that much harder this year.  We will see if they can fight their way back in to the playoffs.



Colorado U$eful Idiot$

Last Season: (95-67) 2nd AL West

Off Season Additions:

Willis Fitzgerald, Sherman Olmos

Another team in the tough AL West.  Some minor moves should help this young team make it back to the playoffs.  Making it to the division series last year was a bit pf a surprise, this year they are counting on it.



Boise Blue

Last Season: (92-70) 2nd NL West

Off Season Additions:

Donaldo Polanco, Jorge Gonzales, George Leary, James AbeVin MendozaCarlos Cabeza

A solid season last year, just missing the playoffs due to a tough NL.  Boise made a lot of moves this off season to prove that they can be one of the top 6 this season.



Trenton Shockmasters

Last Season: (88-74) 2nd AL East

Off Season Additions:

Ricardo DeLeonTy WilkinsJulio MercedesDouglas HuntShea FielderRuben Cerda

Just missed out last season, Trenton has added 6 new faces so far in hopes that they can return to the 100 win team this franchise has come to know.



New Britain Bulldogs

Last Season: (85-77) 3rd AL East

Off Season Additions:

Louis Stone, Kiki SeanezPedro VazquezAlbert RhodesKent RisleyAlbert RhodesPedro Vazquez

A 7 season playoff drought left the Bulldogs wanting more.  A flurry of moves gives the people of new Britain something to hope for this year



Little Rock Bill Clintons

Last Season: (86-76) 3rd NL South

Off Season Additions:

Robb Hamilton

It’s not easy being in a division with 2 100+ win teams, but the Bill Clintons are up for the challenge this year.  They’re youth developed well last year and have raised the expectations very high this season.  Overcoming New Orleans and Charlotte won’t be easy.



San Juan Clementes

Last Season: (85-77) 1st NL East

Off Season Additions:

Ruben Franco

Caught a bit of a break last season making the playoffs with only 85 wins, but they made it none the less.  An early exit left some disappointment, but hope for this year.



Philadelphia Phillies

Last Season: (78-84) 4th AL East

Off Season Additions:

Glen Lawrence, Lawrence Marshall, Stump BennettVinny Mills

Last place in the division isn’t too disappointing when you still managed 78 wins.  The Phillies made some big moves in free agency and are ready to stay competitive again this year.



Atlanta Beercats

Last Season: (75-87) 2nd NL East

Off Season Additions:

Angel ColemanLouie ArmasGus GreenwoodGus Greenwood

A second place team with 75 wins, Atlanta could contend for a division title with their most recent acquisitions.



Tampa Bay Sharks

Last Season: (75-87) 4th NL South

Off Season Additions:

Bob NicholsAlan ShipleyWalt DonatelloSean Lesher

Placed in arguably the toughest division, Tampa Bay looks quite promising.  Their younger players have developed nicely and their off season could place them in the hunt.



Anaheim Halos

Last Season: (74-88) 4th AL West

Off Season Additions:

Peter Zheng, Juan VillaAndy Rogers

Another team that was stuck looking up while the rest of their division flourished, Anaheim made some minor changes but it will be hard for them to jump up.



San Antonio Bucs

Last Season: (72-90) 3rd AL South

Off Season Additions:

A quite off season for San Antonio who has been in a bit of a rough patch.  Hopefully the future holds promising things.



Houston Juicers

Last Season: (73-89) 2nd AL South

Off Season Additions:

Mac MacRae, Erubiel Cairo, Davy Forbes

Second place in the division last year wasn’t too bad.  They have young talent who are ready and some additions could be what this team needs to win their first division in 17 years.



Arizona Royals

Last Season: (70-92) 3rd NL West

Off Season Additions:

Pete Edwards, Leon Rigdon

Another team who has been struggling to find success of late.  The Royals have talent in the right places and are hoping to get back on the map soon.



Fargo Red River

Last Season: (71-91) 3rd NL North

Off Season Additions:

Geronimo Ruiz, Bob Crawford

A team that has never won their division continues their path to rebuilding.  Another new owner with new promises is trying to give fans of this franchise something to finally cheer about.



Helena Big Sky Bombers

Last Season: (69-93) 4th NL North

Off Season Additions:

Currently rebuilding, so no rush to spend money on un-wanted talent.  They see bright things in their future and are content with laying low, for now.



 Cincinnati Red Stockings

Last Season: (70-92) 3rd NL East

Off Season Additions:

Abraham Jefferson

A surprising signing of Jefferson will definitely keep fans coming and one can not help but wonder, what are the Red Stockings planning.



Rochester Sidewinders

Last Season: (65-97) 4th NL East

Off Season Additions:

Dennis MiclatGill Yang

A team that has never made the playoffs.  Two draft picks in the top 10 will help them keep the faith.



Columbus Isotopes

Last Season: (62-100) 4th AL North

Off Season Additions:

Humberto Park, Bill HodgesRich KnightAlbert Bennett

A weak division last year, but Columbus is planning on changing that.  Some big signings and youth that plans to make a difference could land Columbus in the mix this season.



Chicago Wieners

Last Season: (65-97) 3rd AL North

Off Season Additions:

Rudy NelsonJared NathanPhil SuzukiAngel Conway

A name change most likely wont mean instant success in Chicago.  A couple small moves just to hold them over while they put their franchise back together.



Augusta Moose Heads

Last Season: (65-97) 2nd AL North

Off Season Additions:

Harry JohnsonDiego HenriquezRickey Dougherty

With under 70 wins in 4 of the last 5 years, Augusta will likely be near the bottom again.  However, they are young, and things are starting to look better.



Las Vegas Gamblers

Last Season: (48-114) 4th NL West

Off Season Additions:

Jason Castner, Andres Lopez, George Hughes, Billy McMahon, Armando GandarillaVic McConnellJuan Bonilla

Maxing out at 56 wins the past 5 seasons, this franchise was ready for a makeover, and that’s what it got.  So far with 7 new faces and plenty of up and comers, Las Vegas is no longer content with being a laughing stock.



Santa Fe Bible Thumpers

Last Season: (41-121) 4th AL South

Off Season Additions:

Benny Perez, Brady Hermansen, Jason Dillon, Shawn Robertson, Herb Hamilton, Von BrewingtonMac SungCookie MyersChili Karl

with 78 wins in the last two years, combined, something needed to change.  A new owner has instantly made an impact and is looking forward to what Santa Fe can do.

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