Division Champ Still To Be Claimed

Explain This One:

Last Seasons Division Standings




TEXAS 41-121

The final team open in the league is a mystery to all. With 8 consecutive division titles, and 13 consecutive playoff berths,  this AL South power house has had but 1 owner for the first 18 seasons.  Led by sluggers like Lew Thompson, Otis Gross, Neifi Cairo, Lonnie Ellis and Donatello McCartin, this team racked up a whopping 1100 runs last season!  And if those offensive juggernauts were’t enough, they even have developing prospects. Dion Long, Albert Latos, Willie Romero, Hector Diaz, and Al Beltre are just some of the players in the franchises minors.

Inheriting a franchise like this is not something that comes along often.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

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One Response to Division Champ Still To Be Claimed

  1. averagejoe15 says:

    But now you make me want to pretend I never picked the team I picked…

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